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Fashion Trends From Paris Fashion Week


 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

The incredible nine-day marathon known as Paris Fashion Week is finally over, and we are still reeling from the sheer number of spring 2019 fashion trends to choose from. Our wardrobes are really going to enjoy the fresh designs. While some of these simply continued what New York, London and Milan brought to the runway, many were very much centered on Paris only.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Between incredibly high-cost presentations to shows that featured outfits not exactly meant to be worn in public, the whole event was one mesmerizing entertainment after another. Plus, Gucci made a Parisian debut! Who would have thought?

So what are some of the hottest Paris Fashion Week spring 2019 fashion trends to be following this season?

Black Blazers

The one theme that was across the Fashion Week board was the use of black. Add black to the more professional collections and you have a number of black blazers to choose from. That is a huge relief as well since most of us are more inclined to get to an interview in a classic look; not many employers would appreciate a retro future design.

Haider Ackermann gave us looser-fit slim styles that played on the androgynous, while Acne Studios brought longer blazers with glittery embellishments to the table. Akris is sure the sexier silhouettes are better overall, while Balenciaga went for the androgynous boxy shoulder.

As for Celine, nothing can be said about the smart tailoring there. Whether you want simpler or ruffled up, there were enough designers utilizing this spring 2019 fashion trend for us to never run out of black blazers.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Shell-Shaped Dresses & Tops

If you wanted something very much Parisian in the spring 2019 fashion trends, look no further. The shell-shaped dresses with the pleating and bold shoulders and even appearing as sport tops paired with bicycle shorts are rocking it.

They look incredible on the runways, can appear in any color, fabric and cut, but always hold that shell shape. Poiret, AWAKE, Each x Other, Balmain and many others had pieces in their lineups that matched this trend. What do you think? Should it stay a top trend?

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

World Traveler Looks

One thing Paris really decided to focus spring 2019 fashion trends on was travel. Whether it was through sets that brought us to new lands or outfits reminiscent of the Far East, summer travel was on everyone’s mind, in direct contrast with some of the other Fashion Weeks. As such, Ibiza, Egypt or further to Asia we went with colorful, beautiful and simply out-of-this-world collections.

Balmain gave us intergalactic hieroglyphic pieces, Thom Browne went cartoonish and bright with the tropical prints, Chloe took us to the Caribbean, Jacquemus to the sexy countryside, Loewe to Morocco, and Paco Rabanne into the Gypsy populations. No matter where they took us, designers had travel in mind.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week


Washed Out Denim

When we think denim, it’s normally jeans or jackets that come to mind. Paris Fashion Week made the washed out or “boiled” denim a huge part of the spring 2019 fashion trends as well.

Skirts, dresses and accents all featured denim, with jackets paired with regular slacks at Dior, extremely high waist and high-hem shorts with bold shouldered jackets at Isabel Marant, and a whole slew of designs at Balmain. From acid, to tie-dye, we got quite a few options to choose from! Too many, even, one might say.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Pronounced Shoulders

Classical boxy shoulders highly exaggerated were expected as a spring 2019 fashion trend in Paris. Intergalactic futuristic hieroglyphic laden looks as per Balmain? Not so expected. In any case, we might want to keep our wardrobes full of the bolder shouldered items for a while yet, as we do not see this trend leaving the runways anytime soon.

The added shoulder width slims out the waist a bit as well, while lending to a more confident personality portrayal. Balenciaga’s coat, for example, is a great item to add to one’s list. Balmain’s futuristic piece would probably be best worn to a high caliber party, while Celine’s little black dress gets a makeover worthy of a princess.

For something less likely to knock the waiter over, pick up a bold but not as pronounced curve-accentuating little black dress from Elie Saab.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Netting Everywhere

Skirts, tops, jackets, you name it. They all sported netting as a top spring 2019 fashion trend from Paris, one that has appeared all over the Fashion Week runways around the world. This has been singled out by Paris as well, and fishnet stockings are not the only ones you’ll be sporting this season.

We have to admit, accent pieces in netting are quite attractive, as per Akris especially. If you want beachy, go for Altuzarra, and for something less pronounced, Beautiful People.

Chloe’s netting will most probably be a huge knit trend for handmade producers around the world, while those into a more punk style will be picking up some Dior. Personally, we’re more inclined towards the Elie Saab sexiness or Paco Rabanne’s chainmail, but to each their own.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Bicycle Shorts

One of the top spring 2019 fashion trends in general this season is the bicycle short. Since spring 2019 is focused on street meets sport meets professional, these particular pieces can complement just about any look.

Mugler and Chanel came in with tailored jackets, Aalto’s looks, for example are gorgeous, while Acne’s mix with leather is perfect for a night out. You prefer sportier? Marine Serre’s got you covered with the perfect seaside spring look!

Stella McCartney will send you into town in a bicycle short jumpsuit with a sexy plunging neckline and a huge handbag to complete the look. Definitely a trend to buy into, no matter how you like to dress it up.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Polka Dots

Just like netting, this is a fun spring 2019 trend that makes the wearer feel young, frilly and happy. If the dress, such as Andrew Gn’s has ruffles added as well, that only adds to the feeling. The spring 2019 runways were full of polka dots in all colors, but the classic black and white will always be a favorite.

APC’s blue and white with bold shoulders spoke for mature women, on the other hand. Celine’s short hemmed, off-the-shoulder pieces with a huge bow for sleeves? It was too darling not to fall in love with.

Polka dots on transparent pieces also came into play with the Courreges collection, while a crazy combination of dots and prints was proven to coexist rather well at Koche. As for Shiatzy Chen? Let’s just say that the clubbing experience only got better.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Floral Prints

If there is one print that never leaves the fashion runways, it is the floral. Small or large, single or a combination, clustered or scattered, it matters not. The florals look amazing on coats, on skirts, on tops and dresses, accentuating the figure, hiding the bulges and generally adding a sense of feminine to the outfits presented.

Plunging necks and high slits work well with it too as you pair sexy with innocence. Whether we are looking at Altuzarra’s life-like florals or the more abstract at Chloe, looking like ethereal fairies as at Dior or psychedelic futuristic as with Elie Saab’s or Alexander McQueen’s, florals are forever a top spring 2019 fashion trend.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Sequins and More Sequins

Dresses with sequins are a huge look from the spring 2019 fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week, and when you get them in gold and silver, you certainly feel like a princess. More is more this season, and brightly glittering sweater dresses, fringed jackets and sparkling skirts are all part of the magic.

While Celine’s little dresses were a little too short for our tastes, Chanel had some great options, and Miu Miu gave us as feminine a design as feminine can get. We even got a couple of sequined swimsuits for summer 2019 on the Saint Laurent runway that simply mesmerized us.

The future is full of sparkle, so we better get in on it. The silver especially appears to be the color of the future, with the sequins appearing on sandals and boots alongside the bold shouldered dresses and cape sleeved looks. And if you prefer some color? Head over to the Marco de Vincenzo collection.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week


The Brighter, The Better

Among the Pantone spring 2019 color trends, we have already spotted some really bright, eye-catching yellows, oranges and pinks, and the Paris Fashion Week spring 2019 trends keep it even brighter. Alongside the Pantone colors, we saw highly saturated mustards, reds, purples and more – colors that will never let you go unnoticed.

We especially love the eye-popping yellows of Marques’Almeida, the Atlein colors, the Stella McCartney orange, and the Chanel pinks among others.

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

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