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This Lightning Trick Tames Flyaway Hair In Seconds


Flyaway hair can be pretty annoying. But there is a simple trick that smooths them out in seconds.

This Lightning Trick Tames Flyaway Hair in Seconds
Goodbye frizz - thanks to this lightning trick.

Hairstyles that require particularly smooth, shiny hair are currently very popular, as evidenced by trends such as the liquid bob or 90s sleek bangs. But even with curly styles, there is one thing you want to avoid: frizz. The flying little hairs, which curl up especially on the top of the head, create a messy image and distract from the actual look. But we don't have to give in to this hairy fun brake, because we know a clever anti-frizz trick. For this, you only need one household remedy that you are guaranteed to already have in your closet: dental floss.

This is how dental floss straightens flyaway hair

This is how dental floss straightens flyaway hair | This Lightning Trick Tames Flyaway Hair in Seconds



You probably already use dental floss every day for your oral hygiene (please, it's worth it!), but the thin cord also works wonders for your hair, as hairstylist Matt Newman shows in his Instagram video. To tame flyaways, hold a long piece of dental floss with your hands and stretch it along the hairline. Then press the dental floss onto the frizzy hair and now pull it towards the tips. Important: Use waxed dental floss, because the wax is exactly the highlight of the whole story. The movement presses the hairs smooth and the wax holds them in place.

Newman's fans love this simple hack - and so do we! A user also notes that the hair also gets a minty smell. A nice side effect, right?

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