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Hair Like New: Best Thermoactive Hair Dryer Products


Using these products before blow-drying will keep your hair looking fresh from the hairdresser.

Hair like new: Best thermoactive hair dryer products

Hair that is as smooth, shiny, and well-groomed as after a visit to the hairdresser: thanks to thermo-active hair dryer products, no problem. That's how it's done.

In the past, you had a hairdryer set: They were put into the hair before drying and should keep hairstyles perfectly in shape. But when concreted updo looks went out of fashion at some point, so inevitably did the hairdryer set.

Now the Thermo-Stylers are back in a modernized form: As “Föhn-Primer”, “Blow Dry Lotion” or “Thermo-Styler”, not only the name of the products has been completely renewed, but also their claim: those that become active through the heat of the hairdryer Today, stylers no longer give hair a concrete hold, but rather a silky soft professional look sealed from frizz. For hair (really!) Like from the hairdressing salon.

Thermo-Styler: This is how you get hair like new

1. How do thermal stylers work?

The technology behind it: Thermoactive styling products contain long-chain polymers that, activated by the heat of the blow dryer, network and thus place an invisible, hydrophobic protective shield around the hair.

Each hair fiber is coated and sealed, so it can store its moisture inside and is protected from humidity and frizz all day long. Due to the structure-improving effect and the surface sealing, the hair feels silky smooth, and ultra-healthy.

2. How do you use thermal stylers?

The products are used in towel-dried hair: with thermal stylers in spray form, divide the damp hair into sections and spray the product evenly on the individual areas.

For lotions, knead a small blob into your hair. Then comb through the hair so that the texture is optimally distributed. Now the hair has to be blow-dried so that the product is activated. Feel free to give the brush a little pull to take full advantage of the styling effect.

Blow-dry with a thermal styler:

Blow-dry with a thermal styler: | Hair like new: Best thermoactive hair dryer products


3. Can I combine thermal stylers with other styling products?

You can use any care product that is rinsed out again before the thermal styler. So shampoo, conditioner, or a hair mask are perfect. Please be careful with leave-in products: they can mix with thermal stylers, impair the effect, leave residues, or weigh down your hair.

If the hair is blow-dried, additional styling products can of course be used. And: Since thermal stylers protect the hair from the heat at the same time, you can save yourself the use of heat protection spray.

4. How long does the effect of thermal stylers last on the hair?

This is very different depending on the product and hair type. The heat-active “Dream Coat” spray from Color Wow, for example, promises to keep the salon look in your hair for up to three washes. The "Blow Dry Serum" from Shu Uemura, on the other hand, can be easily reanimated by renewed heat from the hairdryer the following day.

Other products work until the next hair wash but are designed in such a way that they can be used every day without stressing the hair.

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