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Why Do We Lose Our Hair So Much In The Fall?


You've probably noticed it. In the fall, we lose our hair a lot more, compared to other seasons. What is this due to? What could be done to fix it? An expert answers.

Why Do We Lose Our Hair So Much In The Fall?

Are you also losing a lot of hair at the moment? And this, since the autumn season is well established? At first glance, it can quickly scare, panic. Then, as we talk to our friends, we quickly realize that this is a general phenomenon that spares no one. During fall, and just before winter, we lose more hair than usual. You just need to brush them to find a handful of hair on our brush, or to make a ponytail to see some hair fall on the ground. But to what can this be due? We immediately put an end to this excruciating suspense by explaining to you the causes of our hair loss during the fall and winter seasons.

What is this due to?

The explanations are ultimately very simple. Indeed, it is entirely part of our hair cycle. Losing more hair in the fall is normal and natural. No one escapes it, everyone is concerned, but it shows more or less depending on the thickness and mass of each individual's hair. This phenomenon is accompanied by the changes in temperature that we go through over the days, but also by the change of diet. We do not have at all the same eating habits in summer and winter. In the summer, we eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Foods that are rich in trace elements and vitamins will stimulate hair growth and strengthen it. In fact, in autumn-winter, like the leaves of trees, our hair is renewed.

What are the solutions?

To answer this question, we interviewed a hair expert, namely Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and founder of the R'factory salon. And unfortunately, he was very clear: "we cannot avoid this phenomenon". Yes, we cannot go against nature! However, it is obviously possible to give our hair a little boost to boost its growth. Gianni Coppa then specifies that "it is important to remember to hydrate well and we can also boost the growth and fortification of his hair with silicon or a magnesium cure." It is also possible to opt for a course of food supplements.

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