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Wow! Kim Kardashian Sets A New Hairstyle Trend With A Wet Ponytail


We can never get enough of the looks of beauty queen Kim Kardashian. Neither does her latest hairstyle... Curtain up on the wet ponytail!

Wow! Kim Kardashian Sets A New Hairstyle Trend with A Wet Ponytail
Kim Kardashian with a wet ponytail.

Gotta keep up with the Kardashians, ladies! Because they have internalized the beauty business like no other family. Kim Kardashian in particular sets one trend after the other with her newly interpreted hairstyles. We recently reported on her rice water trick and liquid hair look. But a new week, a new hairstyle, right? That's behind Kim's wet ponytail.

That's behind the wet ponytail

Kim Kardashian made a breathtaking appearance with a wet ponytail at the "Forces of Fashion Conference" in New York. Who invented the latest hair creation for this event? None other than Chris Appleton, Kim's hip celebrity hairstylist! In his Instagram story, he described the look for the reality star as a 'snatched wet-look pony'. The perfect hairstyle for the upcoming summer. Because then your hair needs a lot of moisture in order not to become brittle from the sun. And when the temperature is high, we prefer to tie our hair up anyway so that it doesn't stick at the nape of our neck.

That's behind the wet ponytail | Wow! Kim Kardashian Sets A New Hairstyle Trend with A Wet Ponytail
Instagram: @chrisappleton1

How to style the wet ponytail like Kim Kardashian?

To imitate Kim's trendy hairstyle, you should first conjure up gentle waves in your long hair. This works best with a straightening iron, curling iron, or a braided hairstyle that you leave in overnight. You then tie your wavy hair tightly into a classic ponytail.

The key trick to the Signature Wet Ponytail is hair oil. And lots of that, please! You can work in the oil over a large area from the hair tie down over the lengths to the tips.

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