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Soap Brows: The Beauty Trend Will Change Your Makeup Routine Forever

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Many of us desire full eyebrows. With the soap-browser ritual, nothing stands in the way of your dream.

Soap Brows: The beauty trend will change your makeup routine forever

Soap Brows: A Beauty Trend That Will Change Your Makeup Routine Forever.

The once common bar of soap is given a new and important meaning in these times. But who would have guessed that the cleansing product now presents itself as a make-up tool in addition to the necessary care - more precisely as a miracle cure for full eyebrows? Because of the new beauty trend, Soap Brows means, in the truest sense of the word, eyebrows brushed with soap.

Now the styling ritual is attracting more and more attention and enthusiastic followers. Soap brows are no strangers to make-up artists and beauty lovers. You have long relied on classic soap as an emergency nail and alternative to special styling products for eyebrows in order to shape and fix them.

The advantage of Soap Brows: The technique does not harden the eyebrows, but the soap still gives the individual hairs a fixed hold - the result looks particularly natural.

But be careful: If make-up and soap meet, the foundation begins to loosen. Soap brows are particularly suitable for those who rely on a natural make-up look. In addition, anything that makes the skin around the soap sweat can lead to watery eyes, as the soap is unfortunately not waterproof. You should therefore avoid using it on hot days or during sport in order to avoid irritation.

Soap Brows: This is how the application works

You can then - if necessary - fill in small gaps with an eyebrow pencil or powder. A matching color eye shadow with a gloss effect below the brow ensures a particularly radiant finish.

Choosing Soap For Soap Brows

Soaps with scents and dyes can irritate the skin, cause redness and leave an unsightly white haze on the eyebrows. Accordingly, you should use a transparent glycerine soap for sensitive skin. In the meantime, specially developed brow soaps are also available to buy.

Choosing Soap For Soap Brows | Soap Brows: The beauty trend will change your makeup routine forever

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