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Beautiful Hair: 9 Simple Tips For Beautiful Hair


Dryness, split ends, lack of volume - to get beautiful hair, we have to overcome a few hurdles. If you literally find the whole thing to be a hair puller, you can now sit back and read on, because we have 9 tips for you to have beautiful hair full of volume and without dryness, split ends, and other problems.

This is how you can get beautiful hair quickly

This is how you can get beautiful hair quickly | Beautiful Hair: 9 Simple Tips For Beautiful Hair
With these tips, tricks, and products you can get beautiful hair quickly...

Plus: If you follow these things, you will also stimulate hair growth and nothing will stand in the way of your Walle-Walle hair.

How do you get beautiful hair?

Beautiful hair - this is partly a matter of heredity, but you can also do a lot for it. It is best to use a combination of internal and external applications. But what exactly?

1. Wash hair properly

Even when washing your hair, you can do a lot wrong - or do everything right. So that you can avoid the most common mistakes in the future, we have listed the most important tips for washing your hair for you:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly before washing. In this way, you remove coarse dirt and prevent the formation of nodules.
  2. A hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo is enough.
  3. Instead of spreading the shampoo all over the hair, just add plenty of water to the roots.
  4. Wash your hair as cold as possible, this prevents damage and closes the shed structure.

1. Wash hair properly | Beautiful Hair: 9 Simple Tips For Beautiful Hair
Instagram: @magic_scalp


Which shampoo for beautiful hair?

Volume or care? With the perfect shampoo for beautiful hair, you don't have to choose between the volume at the roots and well-groomed lengths. A good shampoo should condition without making your hair look flat.

The volume shampoo by Rene Furterer received the top rating of 5 stars on Amazon. It gives texture and volume to fine hair while nourishing it and making it easy to comb. A customer wrote: "I love the scent of this shampoo and how full and soft my hair feels. I've never used this brand before, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. Stupid actually, but I like it too the color of the bottle ".

2. Close split ends with a leave-in treatment

If you suffer from split ends, there is only one option: Hair off! Or? Wrong: Because with slight forms of split ends or to prevent them, you can use a leave-in treatment. My all-time favorite for this is Aveda's Damage Remedy series, and I've been using it for over six years now.

3. Gently dry your hair

We all know, but heat is not good for your hair! But air-dried hair often just doesn't look as beautiful as the hair with a fresh blow-out. So that you don't have to do without perfectly styled hairstyles, you should only blow-dry at a medium temperature and, above all, use the right hairdryer. This should have an infrared sensor to protect the hair from overheating.

The Philips DryCare Prestige hairdryer is particularly suitable for this. And: doesn't it also look really nice? An overjoyed customer writes: "I almost want to ask 'Where have you been all these years ??' Seriously: I finally arrived in the long search for the perfect hairdryer".

4. Use heat protection spray

As soon as a hairdryer, curling iron, straightening iron, or even strong sunlight is involved, heat protection must be applied. Many products such as shampoos, conditioners, or leave-in treatments already contain weak heat protection, but to really protect the hair, you should use a spray, which you use as the last step for your beautiful hair. When choosing the heat protection you should make sure that you choose a natural one with very good quality. Even better, it also contains argan oil.

5. Stimulate blood circulation - this is how it works

So that hair growth is stimulated and well-groomed, new, beautiful hair is produced by the body, you can rely on a head massage. Whether professionally at the masseur, occasionally at the hairdresser, or DIY at home - a head massage is perfect to strengthen the base. If you want to give yourself a head massage, you can do it very easily by lying on the bed so that your head hangs facing the floor. Then you go with circular finger movements over the scalp - a bit as if you were spreading shampoo. Depending on your taste, you can also use some hair oil for it.

6. Volume in the hair

For more volume in your hair, you can do two super simple things: blow-dry your hair upside down and use a volume mousse. We have tested the styling foam from KMS and find it particularly good. A customer writes: "I've been looking for a volumizing foam that doesn't stick the hair together for a long time. I found this one at my hairdresser's and I'm absolutely thrilled with it.

7. Best home remedies for beautiful hair

For healthy, beautiful hair, there are also a few home remedies that you can use and probably already have on the shelf.


Vinegar conditioner for shiny hair

A vinegar rinse, also called "acid rinse", makes the hair look beautiful and shiny. Because: vinegar ensures that the roughened cuticle of the hair contracts again.

Chamomile for fresh blonde

Make a chamomile tea from six tea bags and a liter of water, let it cool down, and pour it over your hair. Especially in connection with the sun you freshen up your blonde and make it at least one shade lighter.

Chamomile for fresh blonde | Beautiful Hair: 9 Simple Tips For Beautiful Hair
Instagram: @christopherobinparis

Black tea for a rich, warm brown

If you have brown hair and want to intensify your hair color, you can make a black tea with chamomile just like the blondes, let it cool, and put it on your hair. After about 30 minutes you can wash your hair out and it will shine in a rich, warm brown.

Black tea for a rich, warm brown | Beautiful Hair: 9 Simple Tips For Beautiful Hair
Instagram: @joshwoodcolour

8. Which food for beautiful hair?

In order to get beautiful hair, you can not only do something externally but also from within - with the right diet. These foods are real suppliers of vital substances for the hair:

9. Hair oil for a well-groomed shine

To make your hair look perfectly shiny (instead of greasy) and to give the tips that little extra care, you can use hair oil. Our favorite: argan oil.

Highlight hair care items:

Almond oil for radiantly beautiful hair growth: Almond oil hair
Olive oil against split ends, dandruff, and hair loss: Olive oil hair
Castor oil for a full head of hair: Castor oil hair

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