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These 3 Mistakes Every Woman Makes While Bathing Are Harmful To The Skin!


Would you have thought that you can do a lot wrong even while bathing? We'll tell you which mistakes everyone really makes.

Yes, bathing has to be learned too! You think you're doing something good for your body and mind - and you end up with itchy or flaky skin. Namely, the following mistakes in bathing can actually harm you and your health. We'll tell you how to do it better.

These 3 mistakes every woman makes while bathing are harmful to the skin!

Everyone makes these mistakes when bathing

1. You bathe too hot

There is probably nothing better for you than a hot relaxing bath. Your skin, however, sees it completely differently. Water that is too hot can free them of their natural oils, which results in dry, itchy, and irritated skin. By the way, your bath water is already too hot when your skin turns slightly pink. If this is the case, you should quickly run in cold water or leave the bathtub to quickly apply some lotion.

2. You bathe at the wrong time

Yes, you should also pay attention to what time of day you get into the tub. A warm bath lowers your body temperature - and that makes you quite tired. Therefore, ideally, you should always bathe in the evening and before going to bed. You should also never spend more than 20 minutes in the tub. If you stay too long in the tub, you also run the risk of your skin losing moisture.


3. They dry too quickly

As soon as you are out of the water, you can't go fast enough to dry off and leave the warm bathroom? Yes, we know that too well. However, you should not dry yourself off too hastily. This could damage the softened skin. The care products used can also be lost before they can even develop their effect. Better: pat dry carefully. This also increases the relaxation effect!

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