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What Can Be Learned From Women Who Never Diet?

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There is always at least one friend who is on a diet. But there are also those who seem to eat everything and are still slim. The observation has shown that this superwoman in question drinks her coffee with whole milk instead of soy milk, treats herself to a chocolate cake, and does not nibble kohlrabi sticks in the evening, but orders Pasta Carbonara with cream sauce in the restaurant.

What Can Be Learned From Women Who Never Diet?

Are the good genes really the decisive factor here? A naturally fast metabolism? Maybe, but not only. Indeed, such women are often naturally slim. Because they adhere to a few golden rules, thanks to which you can sin without pinching your waistband. The most important tips for approaching this type of healthy diet.

How do you naturally stay slim - without a diet?

1. Not every day is a cake day

Means: Naturally slim women only snack on special occasions. To celebrate a birthday or anniversary with your partner, order the crème brûlée for dessert in the restaurant. But in the meantime, they prefer to ignore the obligatory chocolate bar in the office. You usually like to feed the latter every day without thinking too much about it - and the Hüftgold is there.

2. Dinner talk

Sounds as simple as point 1 and is just as effective. Anyone who converses extensively while eating does not run the risk of eating too quickly and, above all, too much. The saturation hormone peptide YY (PYY for short) is only released by the body after about 30 minutes. So make your table conversations the star of the evening, not just the food itself.


3. Don't waste time on diet products

... because so-called light products have fewer calories, but they often contain a lot of unhealthy additives and are also less satiating - so you are hungry again faster. Caution also applies to low-fat products: manufacturers often add more sugar to ensure that they taste good despite being low in fat. Several scientific studies have also shown that diet products do not help you control weight. But on the contrary.

4. There is no such thing as bad food

Brownies are "bad food", kale is "good food" - many people think in these categories. Studies have shown that the more you give chocolate the title bad food, the more cravings you get for it. Slender women appreciate a piece of dark chocolate But don't overdo it - that's their secret.

4. There is no such thing as bad food | What Can Be Learned From Women Who Never Diet?
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5. Get enough sleep

Beauty sleep is not a myth, it really exists: Those who get enough sleep are less likely to get sick, they have a better memory - and they also prevent obesity. Naturally slim women know that because tiredness leads to less exercise and reduced metabolism. Losing weight while sleeping can therefore be taken literally.

6. Don't punish yourself

After a long night of partying, did you end up in the burger shop early in the morning and ordered the Big Mac menu? Don't fret about it for days. Anyone who treats themselves graciously and simply tries to eat healthier the next time, also generally has a healthy relationship with food. And that, in turn, leads to a leaner line in the long term.

7. Avoid diet drinks

Diet sodas and Co. are actually real fattening foods: Their artificial sweeteners simulate the body that it would now be supplied with calories - but they do not trigger a feeling of satiety (see point 3). The healthy alternative: drink mint tea. It feels like it should even replace a dessert!

8. Dare to experiment with new food

Healthy food never gets boring if you experiment enough - with new spices and herbs, for example. Cayenne and chilli flakes, for example, will boost your metabolism all by themselves. A little paprika powder easily replaces the melted butter on the broccoli - and it tastes at least as good.

8. Dare to experiment with new food | What Can Be Learned From Women Who Never Diet?
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9. Don't count calories

Slender women know: A pack of trail mix has an enormous amount of calories - but thanks to the high levels of unsaturated fatty acids in the nuts, it is also extremely filling for a long time. So there is no point in counting calories all the time. Just be careful what you eat. Ideally, the dinner consists of many proteins in the form of lean meat, fish, or tofu, for example. Vegetables such as quinoa, wild rice, or sweet potatoes are particularly healthy as a side dish.


10. Use sugar smartly

Of course, sugar is not healthy. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to completely delete it from the menu: Rather, you should listen carefully to your own body and its signals. Are you often tired after a few cookies and does your stomach feel bloated? Then from now on, you should only eat one instead of three. Because the most important food mantra for naturally slim women is: Eating should always make you feel good!

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