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Should I Cut My Hair Myself? That'S What Hairdressers Advise


Hair salons are unfortunately closed, but a beautiful hairstyle and a great hair color could also work at home, right? Experts advise.

Should I cut my hair myself? That's what hairdressers advise

Are you considering cutting your hair yourself?

The corona pandemic has turned our lives upside down. New ideas emerged, but we also had to do without a lot. During the lockdown, restaurants, nail salons, hairdressers, and the like are closed - but what if you can't wait to visit the hairdresser? Is cutting your hair in your own bathroom a suitable alternative?

That's what hairdressers say

While many will think cutting your own hair is a quick and easy solution. Natalie Navarra, a hairdresser at Pure NV Salon and Spa in Hamilton, advises against it. She says that once the hairdressers reopen, they have to fix any mistakes made at home. And that usually turns out to be more expensive than expected. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone, and many manage to cut their ends with no problem, but it's a challenge. Hairdresser Francesca Testaverde, who has her own studio in Ontario, also advises against it. She says it can be difficult to iron out the mistakes in the self-test.

Rely on quality

When it comes to color, experimenting on your own is not entirely without risk. A lot can go wrong. Sometimes, however, a visit to the hairdresser cannot be delayed any further. Testaverde recommends buying good quality hair colors if you don't want to wait for the hairdressers to open. Also, it would be good to have someone to help with this. You don't get all the strands on the back of your head alone - the result could be a blotchy end result.

Cutting is not always cutting

In order to cut hair properly at home, you need the right equipment. Special scissors, a thin comb, several mirrors, etc. You also need the necessary experience, says Sean Frederick, a hairdresser from Lachine. Cutting is not always cutting. It's about head shapes, crown alignment, and the shape of the face. Try to delay your visit to the hairdresser with beautiful hairstyles and then leave your hair in the hands of a professional. Do you wear a pony? Then there is usually not much time because it grows out incredibly quickly. If you want to dare to cut yourself, follow these instructions.

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