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How To Tie Your Hair Without Breaking It?


Two-three turns, and it's settled... A priori, it couldn't be easier than to tie your hair! However, certain techniques make it possible to further protect the hair. Explanations.

How to tie your hair without breaking it?

Spring has arrived and with it the promise of sunny days. So, like every year, our hair will quickly become a source of heat. The bun or the ponytail are therefore preparing to be our best allies ... Only, we still have to know how to correctly achieve these hairstyles! Indeed, not everyone has mastered the art of tying their hair. Result? Bad gestures can completely weaken our hair! Version Femina gives you some tips to make sure you don't damage your hair when knotting it!

Change height

Performing the same hairstyle at the same height every day can weaken the hair fiber. So be sure to alternate between low, medium, and high ponytails if you are a fan of this hairstyle.

Free her hair at night

Remember to untie your hair at bedtime. This will allow you not to unintentionally pull on it while sleeping.

Embrace the fabric scrunchie trend

Very vintage, the fabric scrunchie trend is back in force in 2021! And best of all, this accessory is good for your hair ... Or at least, it does not hurt them unlike the elastic which exerts constant pressure on the roots. In fact, if you use metal clips on a daily basis, your hair can become thinner and more fragile over time. Negative consequences that are not found in fabric scrunchies!


Wait until your hair is dry to tie it up

Many people prefer to tie their hair up when it is wet. In this condition, the hair is much heavier and looks much more disciplined. However, this time saving does not please your hair! Damp and wet, your hair will especially tend to get tangled more easily around the elastic, which can cause knots and therefore breakage...

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