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Jennifer Lopez: This Is The Diet She (At Age 50) Uses To Keep Her Body In Top Shape

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After the birth of her twins, the actress on "Dance Again" changed her diet completely. To start: drink water with lemon in the morning.

Jennifer Lopez: This Is The Diet She (At Age 50) Uses To Keep Her Body In Top Shape

Jennifer Lopez is aware that for a healthy figure it is not enough to do sports with professional support and at a fast pace. Rather, eating habits need to change and become a disciplined life routine. Changing your diet for a few months is not enough. The idea of looking good in a swimsuit is not enough as a goal. You can read here how Jennifer Lopez consciously and sustainably designs her diet in everyday life in the long term.

Jennifer Lopez's diet includes: Fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, and lemon water in the morning

For this reason, the American singer changed her eating habits after the birth of her twins Max and Emme in 2008. She started out on a vegan diet, which she later gave up in favor of chicken, grass-fed beef, salmon, and sea bass (a type of fish). Now, for example, Jennifer Lopez drinks a glass of water with lemon before breakfast to prevent the body from oxidizing and digest food more quickly. One of her biggest secrets, having the fittest body in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez then follows the advice of her personal chef, Kelvin Fernandez, to ensure a satisfying diet during the mornings. She eats scrambled eggs and three different types of raw vegetables. A second breakfast option you can choose from is a smoothie made from strawberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, and a little protein powder. And yes, coffee is not included, at most in the decaffeinated version. Instead, they choose to drink at least seven glasses of water a day.

Diet à la J.Lo: It is important that “everything is fresh”

And what can it be at lunchtime? The key is to eat as healthy and organic as possible, with a balance between protein and nutrient-rich foods. Her trainer, Hollywood darling Tracy Anderson, explains that Jennifer Lopez "needs very good fuel for all the things she does," so "everything is fresh" and therefore doesn't stop using salads as a meal of her own to order. Furthermore, the nutrition plan includes plenty of kale, pumpkin seeds, cheese, shallots, asparagus, broccoli, and/or olive oil can also be used.

Diet à la J.Lo: It is important that “everything is fresh” | Jennifer Lopez: This Is The Diet She (At Age 50) Uses To Keep Her Body In Top Shape
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At the same time, Jennifer Lopez refuses to eat rice even though it is an essential ingredient in Puerto Rican foods. Instead, she swaps it for vegetables or proteins like fish. Especially when working on musical performances such as the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira, muesli was undoubtedly another option to promote the agile movement routine and give energy. Another of her beauty tricks to look younger: noted!

For Jennifer Lopez, eating healthy means not punishing yourself

Finally, it should be mentioned that the entrepreneur occasionally allows herself a break from her routine. She has already mentioned this many times in interviews that she, too, is human and does not believe that "you should punish yourself if you make a mistake and grab fries every now and then. Everyone wants a cookie or something a piece of chocolate cake. " And yes, chocolate biscuits are one of their favorites when it comes to desserts. After all, healthy eating should not (and is) not synonymous with abstraction. A glass of wine is also permitted - but not to accompany a meal. Rather, the glass of wine replaces dessert and is, therefore, easier to control in terms of the amount consumed.

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