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Tiktok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now


From hair like Cruella de Vil to bubble braids to zigzag parting - these are the best hair trends on TikTok.

TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now

Thanks to the rise of DIY beauty on TikTok - a result of the long lockdown - the biggest hair trends of the year are experimental and more exciting than ever. As you scroll through the app, you'll see thousands of videos of people trying new things with their hair - from buzz cuts to daring colors and everything in between.

If you too want to freshen up your look but aren't entirely sure how to do it, we've broken down some of the biggest hair trends on TikTok, from the e-girl look to Y2K-inspired hair feathers to bubble braids and zigzag parting.

1. Hairstyle trend on TikTok: feathers in the hair

1. Hairstyle trend on TikTok: feathers in the hair | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now



It's no secret that the Y2K beauty is back, and what better way to step back in time to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie than with a 2000s classic: hairsprings.

In fact, TikTok can't get enough of it as the tag already has 666,000+ views. Some of the platform's most popular creators, such as Addison Rae and Victoria Paris, have worn an array of both natural-looking and sassy, ​​brightly colored feathers clipped through their hair. It's an easy way to change your look for the summer and it's also really easy to care for because once you've attached it with a hair extension band or clips, the feathers can last for weeks.

"Feathers look great when the hair is slightly wavy," says Jenny Cho, celebrity hairstylist and member of the R + Co Collective, which offers virtual consultations from hair and beauty experts: "That kind of texture with California appeal and one no feather, which is an organic element, can look really good. Cho suggests placing feathers near the front of the hair or under it so they peek out for a cool, unexpected look.

2. Hair like Cruella de Vil

2. Hair like Cruella de Vil | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now



Inspired by the new Disney movie starring Emma Stone and perhaps the next step in the evolution of e-girl beauty, the two-tone Cruella look is now in full swing. A popular color choice is to keep one half of the hair light blonde and the other half black or dark brunette, but many people also try pinks, blues, reds, oranges, and subtle pastels that fade beautifully.

The funny thing about this trend is that you can easily do it yourself - if you're already blonde or brunette, you can tint a half. If you want it even more extreme, you can choose two contrasting colors. "When choosing colors, you should look for tones that go well together and match your skin tone," said Aura Friedman, creative director at Sally Hershberger's salon in Los Angeles. "Have fun with the color, but choose colors that complement your skin tone. It's important that you show the colorist a picture of the look and shades inside so they can say exactly what you like and how You imagine it."

3. TikTok trend: bubble braids

3. TikTok trend: bubble braids | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now



Another big Y2K hair trend that is popping up on TikTok is the bubble braid. These are ponytails or braids (you can play with the size and placement) that are split and secured with small elastic bands or hair clips. It's also a celebrity favorite as Gigi Hadid wore the style for her birthday in April.

"It looks great if you use a solid color for the hair ties, like black," explains Cho. "You could also use red, orange, white, or navy blue, depending on your hair." She also recommends keeping the texture natural and not playing with it too much with this look: "Keep it simple, don't overdo it - this will make the look chic and wearable."


4. The haircut of the hour: The Wolf Cut

4. The haircut of the hour: The Wolf Cut | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now



If you are in the mood for something more inconspicuous, but that still looks chic and summery, then the Wolf Cut is just right for you. The haircut consists of several tiers that are shorter at the front and have a heavy parting at the top. It's one of the most popular hair trends right now - the hashtag has more than 350 million views. Think of it as a modified version of the mullet that looks even more modern.

"The key to keeping the hairstyle fresh is to style it soft and romantically - not too gelled or styled," says Michael Angelo, stylist and owner of the New York Wonderland Beauty Parlor: "Close your eyes, let go Get your inner Joan Jett out, spread a nice gritty pomade in your palms and rub it in circles on your head."

"Depending on the texture of your hair, this style looks great on bleached and platinum-colored hair, so you can wear it as wild as possible," adds Friedman, "but if you want to keep it tame, go for a red or a darker shade. A solid color is best for this cut."

5. The comeback of the zigzag parting

5. The comeback of the zigzag parting | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now
5. The comeback of the zigzag parting | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now
Instagram: @bellahadid

Another Y2K trend that has returned via TikTok is the zigzag parting. TikTok users have made tutorials of themselves trying out the look in different patterns and the good news is that all you need is a comb to create the look. You can also wear it with your hair down or, like Bella Hadid, with a tight bun that is sleeked backward. Depending on how big you make the zigzag lines, you can create completely different styles.

The zigzag parting is a good look for experimenting with color: "This looks great with a chunky streak," adds Friedman Color the other side in a different color so that when you zigzag you get the contrast between the two tones."

6. Hair like Farrah Fawcett

6. Hair like Farrah Fawcett | TikTok Hairstyles - 6 Hair Trends We Wanna Try Now



Retro hair continues to be on-trend as people of all ages recreate the typical voluminous look of US actress Farrah Fawcett from the 1970s on TikTok. The hashtag "Farrah Fawcett Hair" already has more than a million views. It shows people showing themselves brushing out their big locks and waves before shaking their hair overhead several times to create the star's iconic style.

“The Farrah look epitomizes the 'hot girl summer' we all strive for.” After the past year and a half, we are all ready to recover better than ever, and this hairstyle is all about bounce "said Angelo.

She adds, "I'm a classicist, so I say if you want to do the Farrah Fawcett, do it the way she did it. Curlers should be used to move the hair away from the front of the face. If I do this look on a customer, I keep hearing the soundtrack in my head: 'Lift and bounce! Lift and bounce!'"

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