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Fine Hair: 4 Simple Hairstyle Tricks That Make Thin Hair Look Fuller


With these hairstyle tricks, it looks fuller...

We know exactly how frustrating it can be to have fine hair that lacks body and volume. The trick is not to whine, but to use the right tricks to give the hair bounce and strength. Because that's exactly what makes them look thicker immediately. Here we go!

Fine Hair: 4 Simple Hairstyle Tricks That Make Thin Hair Look Fuller
Do you have fine hair and want more fullness and volume? These hairstyle tricks will instantly make fine, thin hair look thicker.

Fine hair? 4 hairstyle tricks that make it look fuller

1. Hairstyle trick: Have soft layers cut

Whether as a curtain fringe or feathery layers around the face - a few shorter strands at the front of your hairstyle make your hair look fuller immediately, because: They provide movement and swing and prevent the hair from hanging down tiredly.

2. Hairstyle trick: Fold your part

A simple and quick trick to add volume is to flip the part to the other side. The 'Swoosh', which is unfamiliar to the hair, immediately stands up to the roots. Do you prefer to part in the middle? Then use a paddle brush to comb your hair from one side to the other while blow-drying and only style the middle parting at the very end.

2. Hairstyle trick: Fold your part | Fine Hair: 4 Simple Hairstyle Tricks That Make Thin Hair Look Fuller
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3. Hairstyle trick: Always blow-dry your hair upwards

When blow-drying, make sure that you start the airflow below the hairline and then direct it upwards instead of blowing down from the top of the head. With a little practice or upside down, it works quite well.

4. Hairstyle trick: Reach for the right product

So-called "Hair Thickener" or "Plumping Mousse" products can help to lift the hair roots and thereby give your fine lengths more volume. In addition, the products cover the lengths invisibly, which immediately makes the hair feel thicker. Tip: Use a hair and scalp scrub from time to time to get rid of product residue.

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