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7 Haircuts That Will Never Go Out Of Style


We have seen these haircuts many times and still, we can't get enough of them. We show the most beautiful classic haircuts that will never be out.

7 haircuts that will never go out of style
Hairstyles that never go out of style

New trends come with every season - this also applies to our hair. Fortunately, for people who don't like to experiment with colors and cuts, there are classic haircuts that never go out of style.

1. Shag

1. The shag | 7 haircuts that will never go out of style
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Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, and Taylor Swift show us how cool the classic shag can look. The medium-length tiered bob with bangs looks cool and rock and is just the right haircut if you fancy something playful. The nice thing: It is suitable for many hair structures. You can wear it if you have short, thin hair and just as good if you have slightly curly, thick hair.

2. Straight pony

2. Straight pony | 7 haircuts that will never go out of style
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With a pony, you can change your entire look very easily and quickly. There are wonderful variations for the straight bangs. She can be straight and strict and give a delicate face more contour like Alexis Bledel. But it can also be frayed and playful and soften the face like Dakota Johnson's.

3. The classic pixie cut

3. The classic pixie cut | 7 haircuts that will never go out of style
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Twiggy made the pixie cut world famous in the 60s. Today it is one of the most famous and popular haircuts. After Twiggy, Princess Diana and Demi Moore rocked him in the 90s. We are currently seeing him on Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and our colleague Lisa, who styles him differently every day during her hairstyle challenge.


4. The bob

4. The bob | 7 haircuts that will never go out of style

There is probably no woman who hasn't already thought about a bob. The haircut is very simple in itself, but with little tricks, it can become special, for example by wearing the bob in a slightly tiered manner like Kaley Cuoco. We also find the version by Emma Stone particularly beautiful. She wears a short bob that ends just below her chin.

5. Step cut

5. Step cut | 7 haircuts that will never go out of style
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For women with long hair, the step cut is one of the most popular and simplest haircuts. It is very easy to care for, can be styled quickly, and suits every woman. Olivia Palermo has been wearing the classic variant for years: center parting and gentle steps. Women with thicker hair can take inspiration from Blake Lively - she wears a cut with larger layers to get more movement and volume in her long mane.

6. Curls

6. Curls | 7 haircuts that will never go out of style

Hairdressers cannot cut curls or afros in the same way that they cut long straight hair. Instead, they should cut curls freestyle. It is important that the curls are thinned out at the ends, so the edges are much softer and the curls sit better in their natural shape. We are currently seeing a beautiful curly bob variant with Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel and in a long version with Rihanna.

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