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3 Hairstyles That Will Change Your Hair Without A Haircut


Are you in the mood for a new cut right now? With these hairstyles, you can try out new looks without scissors or an appointment at the hairdresser.

3 hairstyles that will change your hair without a haircut

These hairstyles will bring a breath of fresh air to your haircut.

"Fake it’ till you make it ", do you know that saying? Basically, it means something like pretending to already have something until you actually have it. That can help you until your next hairdresser appointment. Just try a new cut with these hairstyles without having to take any risks.

Fake ponies

Depending on which pony you'd like to try out, there are several simple tricks. In addition to pony extensions, you can also simply conjure up the desired pony with your real hair. We will show you two variants:

Start with a high braid that you secure with an inconspicuous hair elastic. Now take a medium-sized strand out of the braid and lay it towards the forehead. Straighten the ends of the hair until you like the fake bangs and pin the hair just before the hair elastic of the large braid with bobby pins.

Tip: If you have long hair, you can also form a small loop on the hair elastic so that the hair does not hang too far over your face. Now divide the leftover hair into two parts and wrap it around the hair elastic in a messy bun. Pin it with enough hairpins and pull it into the desired shape. Now to make the bangs look more realistic, straighten them with a straightening iron. Apply the straightening iron relatively horizontally and do not straighten straight down, but make a slight semicircle to bring in more volume and plasticity. Carefully comb through the bangs again. Finally, fix everything well with hairspray. If you want, you can cover the beginning of the pony with a hairband.

Side pony variant:

Fake ponies | 3 hairstyles that will change your hair without a haircut

© Pinterest @niveade

A second possibility is, starting from a side parting, dividing a small section from the front on one side. Then pin these loosely with hair clips under the remaining hair and hide the clips with the top hair. Now straighten the side fake bangs and the second pony look is done!

Cheated bob

Do you have longer hair and want to test the feeling of short hair? Then just fake a casual bob hairstyle. That's how it's done:

Cheated bob | 3 hairstyles that will change your hair without a haircut

First, work some texturizing spray into your hair. Then make two (or more) equal, deep braids with see-through hair ties. Now roll up the braids upwards and inwards and pin them in the nape of the neck from below with several hair clips. As always, pluck a few strands until you get your desired look. You can also pull out strands from the front, which gives the hairstyle a casual undone touch.

Updo for short hair

With short hair, are you stuck with one look? It doesn't have to be! You can even wear updos, as numerous ideas on social networks show. A simple example that still looks very elegant and makes the hair appear longer and voluminous is this hairstyle:

Updo for short hair | 3 hairstyles that will change your hair without a haircut

Work a generous amount of volume mousse or powder into your hair. Then gently tease the top hair. Now attach a small pillow of hair to the lower back of the head. Place the teased top hair over it and pin it in place. You can also pin the rest of the hair at the back of the head with an elegant loop. In the front, it is also nice to let some strands hang out loosely. You can also curl these for an elegant look.

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