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Straight Hair: Our Tips For A Gorgeous And Easy Look


Want to adopt the disciplined little bob of Kaia Gerber or the hippie lengths of Clara Luciani? If straight hair is a hairstyle classic, the trend spotted on the 2020-2021 catwalks advocates a supple and airy finish. No more sophisticated looks, naturalness is the order of the day. To achieve this smooth and rocky style with a vintage influence, there are different techniques, both yourself and at a pro. Tips and Tricks.

Straight hair: Our tips for a gorgeous and easy look

In-salon or at home, brushing and straightening iron, the stars of straightening

We do not present her anymore. The brushing method used by many women smoothes the hair daily with a natural finish. With the times, the types of hairstyles have evolved. The brushing that rebels on the ends of the 60s, the smooth and supple hair on the lengths of the 80s, the loose lengths of the 90s, the tousled styling of today...

So many styles of brushing that allow you to swap natural curls in favor of a disciplined mane with a round brush. Later, the hair straightener comes into our lives. In just a few minutes, this easy-to-use tool can achieve perfectly straight lengths. A revolution in the bathroom!

Salon techniques to have straight hair

In addition to the traditional blow-dryings and styling with straightening iron, there is a multitude of professional hair-straightening options that allow you to obtain long-lasting results. Brazilian, Japanese, French straightening ... depending on the type of hair and the desired finish, the professional will recommend the most suitable method. These treatments oscillate between the supple finish adored by French women and the chopstick hair look very popular with Asians and Brazilians. Shielded with keratin, most of these rituals work gently without damaging the fiber. However, it is strongly recommended to go to an expert in hair straightening, because these techniques are meticulous and require professional know-how.

Our tips for straightening your hair without heat

Going for a weekend without your straightener, a big tile? Don't panic, there are effective alternatives. And yes, it is quite possible to straighten your hair without iron or heat. Simple methods make it possible to discipline the hair when cold, without damaging the hair fiber. A saving break, which allows you to space out the use of brushing or straightening iron while obtaining naturally smooth hair. Demonstration.


Straighten her hair with a kardoune

The Cardone is a ribbon of fabric that Algerian women used to use to straighten, detangle and enhance their hair. A simple ancestral technique that seems to be enjoying a resurgence of interest, at a time when beauty is intended to be more natural and responsible.

How does it work?

We make a low ponytail that we roll up vigorously with the kardoune before bedtime (old tights or a long ribbon can also do the trick if there is no kardoune). When you wake up, remove the ribbon which reveals perfectly smooth, soft, and shiny hair. To amplify the effect, you can first apply a few drops of moisturizing vegetable oil such as coconut or argan, the benefits of which will work all night long.

Straighten her hair with tweezers

A trick well known to our grandmothers, the clip technique also called the "swirl method", "wrap" or even "Mexican" consists of wrapping the hair around the head by fixing them with flat clips.

How does it work?

On damp hair or generously sprayed with water beforehand, separate the hair into two equal parts. We make a low ponytail with one of the parts, then we take a wick at the front of the hair that we brush and that we will flatten on the skull before fixing it with pliers. We then continue to fix the hair with clips, in order to create a hair turban. When you join the ponytail, undo the ponytail and repeat the technique by bringing the strand towards the front of the head until it meets the first strands already attached. There too, one can apply before a smoothing treatment or a serum on the lengths and the ends which will relax the hair and protect it from frizz.

The best treatments to maintain smooth hair

Structure Repair Shampoo by Mari Nila

Regularly exposed to the heat of a hairdryer or straightener, hair needs to be cared for to maintain its strength and beauty. Mari Nila Structure Repair shampoo deeply repairs the hair fiber. It is ideal for dry to very dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. Its formula enriched with seaweed extracts hydrates and nourishes to strengthen the hair structure while protecting it from external aggressions. The hair is strengthened and regains softness and shine.

Shu Uemura Tsuyu Sleek Smoothing Dry Oil

This brushing oil allows rapid drying and perfect smoothing, with shine as a bonus. An ideal styling product for a frizz-free hair look and straightening without heating tools.

Shu Uemura Tsuyu Sleek Smoothing Dry Oil | Straight hair: Our tips for a gorgeous and easy look

The Intense Nutri-Repairing Mask with Pure Royal Jelly from Dessange Professional Competence

This mask comes to the rescue of hair damaged by repeated straightening. Its cream formula with royal jelly, rich and melting, penetrates the heart of the fiber to repair sensitized areas and strengthen the lengths. A complete treatment to take care of very dry, very damaged, and over-used hair.

The Intense Nutri-Repairing Mask with Pure Royal Jelly from Dessange Professional Competence | Straight hair: Our tips for a gorgeous and easy look

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long dream smoothing serum

No more frizz, this serum guarantees impeccable smoothing and longer hair. Multi-benefit, it is thermo-protective (230°), anti-frizz, and anti-static electricity. Its addictive scent adds to the pleasure of this shining elixir.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long dream smoothing serum | Straight hair: Our tips for a gorgeous and easy look


The Kera-Solutions Dercos Repairing Mask by Vichy

This mask acts as a bandage for the fiber. SOS care repairs the hair from the first use (a single application repairs 100 passes of the straightening iron), nourishes the fiber and gives the hair a boost of shine.

The Kera-Solutions Dercos Repairing Mask by Vichy | Straight hair: Our tips for a gorgeous and easy look

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