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Double Chin And Sagging Cheeks? These Effective Lifting Methods Ensure A Beautiful Jaw Line


With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness - this much is known. In combination with the force of gravity that pulls the tissue every day, this can become visible over time not only on the face and body but also along the jawline, under the chin, or on the neck. Experienced beauty experts know how to prevent this in good time and what effectively but gently tightens a double chin, sagging cheeks, or slack skin tissue on the jaw and neck. An overview.

Double Chin And Sagging Cheeks? These Effective Lifting Methods Ensure A Beautiful Jaw Line
The treatment goal of the following lifts is a well-contoured, youthfully smooth jaw line.

Loss of contour of the chin and jaw: This is why some are more prone to it than others

The natural skin aging process is without question one of the main causes of loss of contour. Regardless of this, there are also other reasons that favor a double chin or sagging cheeks, because some are already affected not only over fifty but also earlier. One reason is a genetic predisposition, for example when a weak chin is one of the typical family characteristics and is simply inherited.

In addition, the individual lifestyle, especially the (wrong) diet and lack of exercise, can be named as influencing factors: Even in overweight children and adolescents, love handles can form on the chin and jaw line, which then form the basis for the double chin that later appears are. On the other hand, some only notice the sagging contours of the chin and jaw after a diet. "With rapid and severe weight loss, the skin is unable to completely regress, which is why it can sag and then droop," explains Dr. Lars Schumacher, Medical Director of the Medical One Clinic in Stuttgart. An effect that can increase with age.

Loss of contour of the chin and jaw: This is why some are more prone to it than others | Double Chin And Sagging Cheeks? These Effective Lifting Methods Ensure A Beautiful Jaw Line
A well-contoured jaw line and firm skin on the neck and décolleté are popular ideals of beauty.

Firming beauty methods: These are the most effective gentle lifts for the neck, chin, and jaw

1. Cool sculpting

To get rid of a double chin permanently without surgery, the non-invasive cryolipolysis procedure known as "coolsculpting" can help. Thanks to the “Cool-Mini” applicator specially developed for treating smaller areas of the body, the tissue between the chin and the base of the neck can be gently treated with controlled cold. Due to this cold effect, the treated fat cells are destroyed and gradually broken down by the body through the natural metabolism; the end result will be visible after about three to six months. "After the (usually outpatient) treatment, there may be temporary swellings or bruises, then you should treat yourself to a rest day," notes Dr. Jens Altmann, a specialist in plastic surgery and head physician at the Bodenseeklinik, "as a rule, however, you can go back to a normal daily routine after the treatment." has a subtle lifting effect, patients whose BMI is in the normal range are particularly suitable for this, adds the expert. Surgical lifting methods such as skin tightening and/or liposuction make more sense for larger fat deposits or a lot of excess skin.


2. Filler and mesotherapy

"Similar to anti-aging for the face, volumizing substances, that is, tried and tested fillers such as hyaluronic acid and bio activators, are used to model the chin line," explains Dr. Felix Cromme from the Dermatologikum Hamburg. If there are more than just small wrinkles and dents that need to be smoothed out, the doctor can of course expand the treatment, he adds. For example, "the sagging and sagging skin on the cheeks, chin, and neck can be sustainably strengthened by individualized mesotherapy, i.e. by activating natural skin regeneration with minimally invasive injections, or stabilized with a thread lift."

3. Thread lifting

Above all, a loss of elasticity ("sagging cheeks") can be corrected well with a thread lift. Several absorbable sutures are strategically placed under the skin in such a way that the jawline lifts and contours itself as if by itself. Small barbs along these threads prevent slipping and provide the necessary hold. "The threads gently lift the skin and soft tissue and fix it in a more youthful position," explains Dr. Dalia Tobbia from the Klostersternpraxis Hamburg. After about six to eight weeks, the body breaks down the threads through the metabolism, but the lifting effect can still last for up to two years because the treatment effectively improves the collagen structure of the skin. "A thread lift takes about 30 minutes and is an outpatient procedure that can also be carried out during the lunch break."

4. Microcurrent

Less spectacular than cool sculpting or thread lifting, but definitely effective in the long term, is a treatment with microcurrent. A tool specially designed for use in the face and neck area is moved over the relevant skin area for minutes (either in the beauty institute or at home) so that important metabolic processes in the tissue are stimulated by the microcurrent impulses and the mechanical vibrations of the device. Fat deposits should be broken down and natural regeneration and rejuvenation processes activated. Prerequisite: the device is of high quality (and safe) and is used regularly and over a certain period of time - ideally around five to ten minutes five times a week for (at least) two months.

4. Microcurrent | Double Chin And Sagging Cheeks? These Effective Lifting Methods Ensure A Beautiful Jaw Line

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