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Silky And Ahiny: 6 Best Care Tips For Blonde Hair


Special care is required to ensure that blonde hair has a silky shine and is strong. Here are the six best care tips for naturally blonde and colored hair.

Silky And Ahiny: 6 Best Care Tips For Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is always an eye catcher. After all, naturally blonde hair is a real rarity. Only about two percent of all people are naturally gifted with a head of golden hair. Because blonde is one of the most popular hair colors, many women take the plunge and lighten their hair artificially.

The result: the hair is stressed by bleaching and is often straw-like. In order for the blonde hair to have a silky shine and look healthy, intensive care is mandatory, especially with colored hair.

Hair expert Stephanie Bruusgaard-Röcker from the mod's hair international academy reveals her 6 care tips for blonde hair!

Tip 1: Blonde shampoos for more luminosity

In order for blonde hair to have a beautiful shimmer, it should be washed and cared for with special products: "Blonde shampoos contain color pigments. With a cool blonde, they are purple or silver-colored, with a warm blonde they are gold-colored."

The light pigments do not "color" the hair, but they wrap around the hair fiber until the next wash and make it shine.

Tip 2: Silver shampoos against yellowing

Many colored blondes in particular are annoyed by a nasty yellow tinge in their hair. Shampoo with silver or purple pigments neutralizes it little by little. "With such a shampoo, you can 'wash out' a slight yellow tinge in your hair if you use it regularly."

Tip 2: Silver shampoos against yellowing | Silky And Ahiny: 6 Best Care Tips For Blonde Hair
Silver shampoo works against a yellow tinge.

Tip 3: Freshly bleached? Avoid chlorinated water!

The vacation is approaching. So quickly go to the hairdresser again and have the bleached highlights freshened up? D rather not. "Freshly bleached hair should not come into contact with chlorinated water. This usually happens in private swimming pools or hotel pools, since the chlorine content is usually too high there."

The chlorine in the water reacts with the metal salts in the bleached hair and turns it greenish - for a long, long time.


Tip 4: Use brightener sprays with caution

Natural brightening sprays that can be bought in every drugstore promise natural lightening, as if by the sun. They contain lightening substances that are low in doses, but still, permanently bleach the hair. However, those who use them have little control over how much bleaching substances build up in their hair.

"Treatment at home with brightener sprays can therefore negatively affect color treatment at the hairdresser's," says Bruusgaard-Röcker. Instead, she recommends using balayage strands or surfing strands for natural-looking lighting.

Tip 4: Use brightener sprays with caution | Silky And Ahiny: 6 Best Care Tips For Blonde Hair
Blonde hair needs special care.

Tip 5: Match blonde tone to skin tone

Especially cool blonde tones such as platinum blonde or ash blonde are trendy. But if you want to score with it, you have to make sure that the cool shade also matches the skin tone. Otherwise, the hair color has a negative effect on the complexion, you look sickly and tired.

"Cool hair colors are best for women with a light, slightly pink complexion and blue or green eyes," says Stephanie Bruusgaard-Röcker. Blondes with a more yellowish skin tone should rather go for warm, golden-ground blonde tones.

Tip 6: Moisture brings a beautiful shine

Bleached hair is damaged and therefore needs particularly mild cleaning. The best shampoos for this are those that only foam a little and donate moisture. Light care that does not weigh down the often fine blond hair is due once a week. As a result, mini-damage in the hair fiber is cemented and the entire fiber is smoother because bleaching roughens the hair.

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