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5 Coolest Trend Hairstyles For Summer 2021


Do you want an uncomplicated and casual hairstyle in summer? Then these 5 trendy hairstyles are enough for you!

In around two weeks, the hairdressers will finally be able to open their salons again - to the delight of the hairdressers and many customers. We are already thinking about which look we can imagine next, and after weeks without cutting and dyeing, the time has come for a type change.

However, if you don't dare to try new hairstyles and prefer to only cut the tips on your first visit after the lockdown, you can already dare to look into the future. These casual hairstyles are set to be on-trend in summer 2021!

Choppy cut

Cool, cool, choppy cut! The new trend hairstyle offers so many advantages that we don't have to think twice about whether we should have our beloved hair cut or not. The choppy cut comes out particularly well with medium-length hair and is characterized by a fringed cut with many levels.

Choppy cut | 5 coolest trend hairstyles for summer 2021
Instagram: @alexachung

The great thing: this technique not only makes your hair fall softly, but the choppy cut also brings a lot of volume to your hair. The cut makes you look rocky and wild and ensures the undone look that is popular with more and more women. In addition, the trend hairstyle is very easy to style: comb through briefly, knead some texturizing spray and that's it!

Rapunzel hair

First of all: Of course, this hair trend is not suitable for all women, but Rapunzel's hair is still one of THE looks of summer. And not without reason! Long hair, which is best stepped through slightly, looks casual, natural, and unexcited, especially in the beach waves look.

Rapunzel hair | 5 coolest trend hairstyles for summer 2021
Instagram: @lorena

However, not every woman has a long mane by nature. If you want hair down to your waist, you have to let it grow and be patient. Or, like many stars, consider extensions - then there is the Walla Walla mane after just one visit to the hairdresser!

Wave shag

The hip shag cut, which was worn in the 70s, made a comeback last year thanks to singer Miley Cyrus. In this hairstyle, a lot of layers are cut into the hair, which makes the mane look voluminous. Often times the shag comes with curtain bangs.

Wave shag | 5 coolest trend hairstyles for summer 2021
Instagram: @salsalhair

If the retro look of Miley and Co. is a little too crazy for you, you will definitely be delighted with the new trend hairstyle Wave Shag. The hair is cut in very layers, but at the same time styled in light waves. As a result, the shag loses the extreme and appears more casual.

Bow cut

Light hairstyles that do not make you stand out from the crowd are not for you? Then you should check out the bow cut as well as the retro shag. Actress Charlize Theron caused a stir last year with her new hairstyle.

Bow cut | 5 coolest trend hairstyles for summer 2021
Instagram: @ddlovato

Now the bow cut seems to be gaining more and more fans because Demi Lovato has also dared to try the unusual cut - and dyed her hair pink too! But what makes it so special? The bow cut is called a pot cut in German and was primarily a men's hairstyle in the 90s. The hair is cut to a length above the ears. Those who are really brave can combine the bow cut like Demi Lovato with an undercut.


Long bob

In the summer of 2021, an absolute classic hairstyle will be back in trend: the long bob! Unlike the bob, the cut doesn't end at face level, but between the collarbone and shoulder. This makes it the ideal hairstyle for women with medium-length hair.

Long bob | 5 coolest trend hairstyles for summer 2021
Instagram: @xeniaadonts

If the long bob is too boring for you, you can combine it with the aforementioned shag cut this year. That means: The hair is also stepped through - this ensures a wilder look and creates a certain lightness, especially in the summer months.

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