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Julia Roberts: Perm Is The Hair Trend For Fall 2023


Shoulder pads, oversized blazers, and perms: the 80s brought out mostly voluminous trends. The power dressing with distinctive silhouettes was completed by beauty looks that were no less striking. US actress Julia Roberts, the icon of the early 90s, ultimately made the look a trend. We remember films like "Pretty Woman" (1990) that made Roberts and her perm world famous. A look at today's catwalks shows: The hairstyle trend is back! At Chanel and Missoni, among others, you saw the curls in XXL for the autumn/winter 2021/22 season on the catwalk.

Julia Roberts: Perm Is The Hair Trend For Fall 2023
Julia Roberts wore the perm in the classic films of the 90s, seen here in "Erin Brockovich".

Julia Roberts: Perm Is The Hair Trend For Fall 2023
Instagram: @juliaroberrts

90s perm of Julia Roberts is coming back as a hair trend

A decision for the ages? You have to wear a perm for at least a while if you decide to do it. Because the durability of the trend hairstyle is already in its name: For the wave, the hair is subjected to a chemical treatment at the hairdresser. A procedure that does not have a completely harmless effect on the hair structure, but which became a big trend in the 80s and 90s. How does the treatment work? First, the bridges that usually hold the hair fibers together are loosened with an agent. Then the keratin contained in the hair is softened and shaped with curlers. An oxidizing agent then ensures that new hair compounds are formed in the curled shape. The perm can then remain in the hair as a trendy hairstyle for a full three to six months before it slowly loosens again.

Who can wear a perm like Julia Roberts?

It's not just a question of style, it's also a question of the health of your own hair. Because for the permanent wave, the hair is subjected to a stressful procedure. A permanent wave can therefore only be worn by those who have strong and healthy hair. If you have already bleached or heavily damaged hair, do not use a perm - the risk of hair breakage and ultimately hair loss is too high.

Tip: After the procedure, you should not wash your hair for at least two days and care for it with regular hair treatments.

Hair trend: this is how the perm will be worn in autumn 2021


Perm with curly bangs

For the autumn/winter 2021 season, not only smoothly groomed blunt bobs can be observed, but the XXL perm is also experiencing a revival as a trend. The hair trend is currently being reinterpreted with short bangs. Because with the curly head at shoulder height, you now wear the fringe, as the models at the runway shows by Chanel and Missoni proved.

Perm with curly bangs | Julia Roberts: Perm Is The Hair Trend For Fall 2023
Curls as a hair trend, as seen at Chanel Fall/Winter 2021/22.

Perm with curly bangs | Julia Roberts: Perm Is The Hair Trend For Fall 2023
The curly pony, as seen at Missoni Fall/Winter 2021/22.

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