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Caring For Your Hair: Best Tips And Tools For Beautiful Hair


Wash, dry, and style hair. It can't be that difficult. Or? In fact, you can do a lot wrong with hair care.

Caring for hair: These tips and products will help every hair type

Caring for hair: These tips and products will help every hair type | Caring for your hair: Best tips and tools for beautiful hair
How you should care for your hair depends on a number of factors

Whether long, thick, colored, or particularly dry hair - there are a few things to consider when it comes to hair care. Here we reveal the best professional tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

How do I properly care for my hair?

Would you hot wash your cashmere sweater? Just. Even our hair, which is just as sensitive, does not like water that is too hot. Lukewarm water is ideal so that they are not harmed. If you can overcome yourself, you can even rinse long hair with cold water - this seals the cuticle and gives it a great shine.

1. Shampoo

Use a shampoo that suits your hair type. Shampoos with silicone make your hair supple, but they can also weigh it down, which is suboptimal for fine hair. Shampoos with natural oils provide extra moisture, which in turn is great for dry hair.

How to use shampoo correctly?:

Important: Distribute the shampoo only on the scalp and massage it lightly. Don't give it up in lengths. The diluted foam that runs over the long mane and tips when rinsing is sufficient to clean long hair but does not dry out the more stressed areas.

Wash off the shampoo thoroughly. Shampoo residues in the hair make it straggly and also lead to an itchy scalp. The rule is: Rinse twice as long as shampoo, the hair should feel a little dull at the end and make a squeaky noise when carefully rubbed together.


2. Conditioner

Not only dry hair needs a conditioner after every hair wash. Because this closes the cuticle of the hair, which has opened through the shampooing. The shampoo cleans, the conditioner nourishes. It provides the hair with care and moisture and protects the lengths from drying out.

Important: only apply the conditioner to the lengths and tips, never on the scalp! In this way, the beginnings hold up - the hair that has not yet been damaged does not need any additional care.

3. Hair mask or hair treatment

As extra care, you should treat your dry hair to a hair mask or hair treatment once a week. By the way, they work best when it is warm. So it is ideal to knead the mask strand by strand into towel-dried hair and cover it with a towel.

Leave the hair care product on for at least ten minutes (the longer the better). Thin hair is often overwhelmed with cures but still needs extra care from time to time.

Style your hair properly

Caring for hair properly - that also means: Be careful when styling. The hair is very sensitive when it is wet. Considerate treatment is a must. And that includes:

1. Drying

Thoroughly dry your hair with a towel. But: avoid scratching! That would roughen the cuticle of the hair. Better: Express it carefully. Tip: A microfiber towel quickly absorbs excess water, which is particularly helpful with long hair - and saves time with a blow dryer.

Then use a wide-toothed comb made of horn, rubber, or wood to comb through. Unlike cheap plastic combs, it doesn't have any sharp press seams that could tear the hair open (because that would lead to broken ends and split ends).

Then blow-dry your towel-dried hair almost dry on the lowest setting. Only then can you go to the styling work with a round brush and hotter air. The top rule: keep the hairdryer at least 15 centimeters away.

2. Straightener, hairdryer, and curling iron

Straightening irons, blow dryers and curling irons can be a problem even for healthy hair with frequent use. Heat just doesn't do our hair any good. Here are some things to look out for:

3. Clean styling utensils

Are you wondering that your hair keeps looking greasy after combing or brushing, even though you have washed it fresh? This may be because styling residues and sebum have built up in it. This is why you should also clean the hair tools once a month.

Do not completely immerse brushes with wooden handles or rubber bases in the water to clean them. Allow to air dry with the bristles facing down. Caution: Dry heating air makes wood and rubber brittle.

3. Clean styling utensils | Caring for your hair: Best tips and tools for beautiful hair
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Dry hair, long hair, bleached hair? These are the best care tips for any hair problem


1. How do you properly care for colored hair?

Blond, red, brown-colored hair loses its color intensity through frequent washing. Special color care series can counteract this. With every wash, the pigments are refreshed and the color reflections intensified.

Do you have a green cast in your hair? This happens through chlorinated water or water from old copper pipes. On the other hand, a color shampoo for red hair helps, its red pigments overlay the green.

A home remedy also helps here: dissolve one Aspirin-plus-C tablet in half a liter of water and rinse your hair with it. The acetylsalicylic acid contained in this home remedy pulls out the unwanted color cast. A silver shampoo helps with bleached hair.

2. Maintain oily hair

An oily scalp is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore: Wash your hair with the mildest possible shampoo. The tried and tested home remedy lava earth has a slightly drying, detoxifying effect and shows hair enemies the red card.

3. Maintain dry hair

Very dry scalps, on the other hand, tend to quickly develop dandruff - you should definitely moisturize the skin here. Also, pamper damaged hair regularly with a good hair conditioner.

4. What is the best way to care for fine hair?

Thin hair is often characterized by dry hair ends and little volume. As they are very sensitive, they should only be combed when dry. The right shampoo for fine hair should, if possible, get by without any burdening ingredients (such as silicones). A mild volume shampoo gives you more body.

5. Proper care for long hair

Are you looking for the right product for long hair? It is best to use nourishing hair care products with an anti-frizz effect. Also, to avoid straw hair, you should regularly take a regimen and trim your tips.

6. Maintain curly hair

While straight hair is usually not very demanding, curls definitely need a little more attention. For a nice bounce, the products used should be free of sulfates and artificial fragrances, and colors. The curly girl method, in which the hair is only washed with a conditioner, is particularly effective.

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