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(Almost) All Women Over 40 Make This Hairstyle Mistake


The right hairstyle can conjure us up ten years younger. However, there is one gross hairstyle mistake that does exactly the opposite, says a hair expert.

(Almost) All Women Over 40 Make This Hairstyle Mistake
Just let your hair grow? Better not, says the expert.

Aren't we all a little unsure about our hairstyle? Let it grow or have a trendy long bob cut? Change the hair color every now and then or stick with your own natural hair color? The older we get, the less we "dare" ourselves. A big mistake, says Anthony Nader, owner of the celebrity salon Raw Salon in Sydney, Australia. He has already done the hair of Miranda Kerr and Cate Blanchett and reveals the one mistake that women over 40, in particular, make: They let their hair grow or stick to the length, but without having an actual hairstyle. "That doesn't make sense if you just stand in front of the mirror and tie your hair in a braid or bun."

Do you recognize yourself again?

Think about your face shape

Anthony Nader has a tip: Take a photo of a hairstyle that you like, to the professional - have your hair structure and (!) Your face shape is analyzed and this hairstyle is adapted exactly to the requirements that you bring with you. With age, says Nader, faces appear less soft and more angular - so you probably have different hairstyles than ten years ago. Hair that is tied back increases the angular effect.

Two cuts, on the other hand, suit (almost) all women in their prime: Gentle steps that flatter the face give it more contour and at the same time make the bone structure appear softer. A pony that ends just below the eyebrows also conjures up expression lines on the forehead.

Think about your face shape | (Almost) All Women Over 40 Make This Hairstyle Mistake
Gentle steps caress angular faces.

More tips from professionals

After visiting the hairdresser, care should continue at home. But please not too strong, says Anthony Nader. Many women over 40 use too many styling products that make the hair heavier and press down. For women with gray hair, Nader recommends using a silver shampoo once a week; everyone else should rather restrain themselves with shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

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