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All Brunettes Love The Trendy Hair Color "Raspberry Bourbon"


The latest hair color trend, which is now conquering Germany after the USA and Great Britain, not only sounds delicious but also looks fabulous. We're talking about "Raspberry Bourbon". We'll tell you what's behind the latest hype and which guys the color looks particularly good on.

All Brunettes Love The Trendy Hair Color "Raspberry Bourbon"

After “Mushroom Blonde”, “Chestnut Brown” and the trend color honey brown, “Raspberry Bourbon” is now conquering hairdressing salons. Because the bright red and brown tones set accents, make your hair look both voluminous and healthy and also warm up your pale winter complexion.

All Brunettes Love The Trendy Hair Color "Raspberry Bourbon"

That's what makes "Raspberry Bourbon" so special

"Raspberry Bourbon" is a type of balayage in which the hair is first either partially or fully highlighted with the coloring technique. Then the highlights are covered with a gloss. This creates highlights in intensive raspberry, red, and copper nuances. The individual strands can and should merge into one another. The result: A very natural and lively look.

That's what makes `Raspberry Bourbon` so special | All Brunettes Love The Trendy Hair Color "Raspberry Bourbon"

Brunette women, in particular, should like it! Because the hair looks really healthy and has a natural shine, but is not damaged or stressed by lighter coloring and bleaching. Of course, freshly colored hair always needs special care.

Raspberry Bourbon: Who Suits It Best?

Admittedly, "Raspberry Bourbon" is a rather extravagant trend. Nevertheless, brown, as well as blond, are suitable as starting colors. The only thing that matters is finding the right berry and red tones for your own personality. Therefore, we definitely recommend that you go to the hairdresser for the perfect "raspberry" look!

Raspberry Bourbon: Who Suits It Best? | All Brunettes Love The Trendy Hair Color "Raspberry Bourbon"

Only he and his trained staff know which shades suit you best. They also have the necessary experience with special balayage techniques.

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