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Lose 10 Kilos In 7 Days Without Sugar? The Diet Nutrition Plan

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Can you lose 10 pounds if you go without sugar for 7 days?

Reducing sugar consumption does not necessarily have to do with a diet, but is recommended by nutrition experts for health reasons alone. Because anyone who nibbles a lot and eats sweets every day runs the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. The risk of addiction-related obesity and liver damage should then also be significantly higher. Not to mention the fact that sugar leads to tooth decay, blemishes, and pimples and makes cellulite easy. If you want to eat healthily, you should discipline yourself when it comes to sweet temptations such as chocolate, cakes, and chips. And not only that.

Lose 10 Kilos In 7 Days Without Sugar? The Diet Nutrition Plan
Can you lose weight if you skip sugar for 7 days? This diet promises it...

It is difficult to do without it if it is to be consistent and not only eat fresh ingredients and untreated food but also bridge the lunch break with ready-made meals, muesli bars, or snack boxes from the supermarket or in the canteen. Because even the supposedly healthy foods often contain hidden sugar.

Plan: Lose weight without sugar in 7 days

Nutrition experts also claim that - provided you exclude any form of sugar from your diet - you can lose up to ten pounds per week. However, whatever depends on the initial weight - you can't and shouldn't starve yourself from 65 to 55 kilos in a week. The reward of discipline and renunciation would not only be significantly better health, but also a cleaner complexion, firmer skin (because of less cellulite), and a dream figure. The following tricks make it easier to lose weight with the sugar diet.

1. Read more

For example, the contents and list of ingredients on the food labels. Often the most interesting information is printed in small letters or encoded as a technical term. Terms such as dextrose (grape sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), sucrose (beet sugar), maltose (malt sugar), or lactose (milk sugar) are different types of sugar. Always sugar. And yes, even fructose or lactose is ultimately just sugar again.

2. Get rid of habits

And especially when these are: there is a teaspoon of sugar in every tomato sauce and salad dressing - just like it is in grandmother's recipe collection. That is unnecessary. And also paradoxical, because a freshly prepared tomato sauce, like the raw vegetable salad, is the perfect diet food because it is rich in vitamins and low in calories.


3. Try something new

For example, to eat a spicy egg omelet for breakfast instead of the breakfast cereals / ready-made muesli/jam toast. Contains valuable proteins (muscle building!), Keeps you full longer, and ensures a balanced blood sugar level. Morning food cravings? Forget.

4. Ask more often

Even if it is difficult at first: Engage the ladies (or gentlemen) behind the baked goods and meat counter in a technical discussion and find out which wholemeal bread, which type of ham or sausage is free from added sugar. The difference could be in the price: foods with no added sugar are usually more expensive.

5. Tricks while cooking

If you don't want to do without the sweet taste, you should use alternatives when cooking that are significantly less (or not at all) stressful for the organism. Rice syrup or erythritol is made from vegetable raw materials, for example.

6. Try clean-eating recipes

Admittedly, it takes a bit of rethinking and a pioneering spirit. But trying out new recipes is not only fun in this case, but also brings many benefits to health, figure, and beauty. There are numerous variants and put together by nutritionists, celebrities, or chefs - browse online easily and find your new favorite cookbook.

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