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Hair Dusting: Technique To Remove Split Ends Without Cutting Its Lengths


Don't want to shorten your long hair despite your split ends? How about trying hair dusting? Discover this technique which promises to eliminate split ends without losing precious inches in length.

Hair dusting: Technique to remove split ends without cutting its lengths

Split ends are the preserve of long hair. Located mainly at the ends (the oldest part of the hair), they develop as the hair ages and is damaged until it splits. That's why the longer your hair, the more likely you are to have split ends! The first warning signs? The ends dry out, the hair becomes dull and a sort of small white dot appears at the end of the hair, a sign that its cuticle - which is its protective sheath - has deteriorated. At this point, there is still time to take extra care and precautions to put things right. We limit styling devices and coloring techniques that weaken the hair shaft and we do not skip its leave-in treatment to be applied daily to the ends to avoid having to cut.

But if we do nothing ... it's climbing, literally and figuratively, since the famous forks tend to go higher on the pitch. And no cure exists in terms of how to fix those split ends. Then there is usually only one option left to get rid of it permanently: cut! One thing you can't always resolve when you don't like your long hair.

Fortunately, there is a less drastic solution to get rid of it without losing the few inches of hair that it took so long to gain: hair dusting.

Hair dusting: what is it?

It's a split-cut technique that invites us to play with scissors in a different way so that we don't have to shorten the entire hair. This practice, which can literally be translated as "dusting of the hair" in French, consists more precisely of cutting only the ends damaged by the split ends and not the ends of the whole hair in order to maintain maximum length. In short, this split cutting technique saves us a real haircut.

It was hairstylist Sal Salcedo, a hairstylist from Los Angeles, who brought the not-so-new practice of hair dusting up to date. The trendsetting hairstylist spoke on the subject in an interview with the Refinery29 site: “Hair dusting has always been used, some cultures have different techniques such as using a razor blade or burning the fork with fire." he said to explain his bias to cut the forks one by one. He also popularizes this practice by comparing it to the removal of lint on a sweater to better understand the gesture and affirms that the technique works on any type or texture of hair, provided that they are straightened beforehand. so that the damaged parts are clearly visible and that there is no risk of making a mistake when cutting with the scissors. It is indeed unthinkable to grab scissors directly from curly or frizzy hair because in your hair rebellious curls could be mistakenly targeted for cutting.

So why is this practice not used in salons? Simply because it takes a long time!

Hair dusting: how does it work?

To save your ends from the fatal cut, hair dusting offers a strand by strand cut, and even almost hair by hair, hence the fact that it is time-consuming. The technique consists of selecting fine strands of hair and using two fingers to take turns holding them, straightening them, and bringing out the split hair so that they can be cut without touching the length of the hair.

There are actually two ways to do this:

A hair dusting video performed by hairstylist Sal Salcedo

Hair dusting: how does it work? | Hair dusting: Technique to remove split ends without cutting its lengths

Click here for watching the video.

Adopt hair dusting yourself

If you don't want to go to a salon to have your forks cut by a professional and want to try hair dusting at home, make sure you have a pair of scissors specially designed for the first. hair in your possession. Paper scissors could indeed damage your hair fiber (remember that they are not made for that).
Next, it's important to take small bits and slide the scissor blades along the bit you are dealing with, perpendicular to the forks, to cut the forks drastically without ever risking an unfortunate scissor blow, just like you can see in the video available above.

Hair dusting: an interesting technique but not a miracle!

If hair dusting is undeniably a smart practice to preserve its length in case of slightly split hair, and that one should not hesitate to adopt it punctually to keep hair in good health when a few tired strands stick out, it does not however, it does not constitute a miracle solution for hair which is really damaged and whose forks are already mounted on a good ten centimeters on almost the whole of the hair. In these cases where the majority of the tips are dead, it is still important to cut as soon as possible to prevent the situation from worsening - that is, the forks going up even more towards the roots - this would require you to cut even shorter soon.

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