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Growing Hair Faster: 10 Tips For Long Hair


Split ends. The word alone triggers a sweat of fear in most people. Unfortunately, even the healthiest head of hair is not spared. Frequent blow-drying without heat protection, regular dyeing, and infrequent tip cutting means that the split ends of the hair are there faster than you can say split ends. Then comes the big disappointment at the hairdresser: So many centimeters have to go. It can take some time for the hair to regain its original length after a radical cut: Depending on the predisposition, hair grows one to one and a half centimeters per month. With the following tips and tricks, you can at least accelerate growth a little - and you can also effectively prevent new hair breakage.

Long hair in record time: 10 tips to make hair grow faster

Long hair in record time: 10 tips to make hair grow faster | Growing Hair Faster: 10 Tips For Long Hair

The dream of long hair: with these tips, hair grows faster.

Long Hair: 10 Tips To Make Hair Grow Faster

1. Head massages

Sounds like an old wives' tale, but it actually promotes hair growth: Even a five to ten-minute head massage with your fingers or a massage spider stimulates blood circulation, which supplies the hair follicles with significantly more nutrients. The hair grows back faster and healthier. This is how it works: Massage the scalp with your fingers in small, circular movements while applying light pressure. If you want to save time, you can also perform the scalp massage directly in the shower - the scalp is cleaned more intensively of sebum and styling products. Be careful with sharp fingernails: To avoid damaging the sensitive scalp, the fingers should lie flat on the skin during the massage. Equally effective for making hair grow faster: regular brushing, preferably 30 to 40 brush strokes per day. Also great: Go to a Thai massage and let yourself be pampered by a professional. You can book a special head and neck massages there.


2. The right care routine

If you want beautiful skin, you have to take care of it. The same goes for the hair. In order to have not only long but also healthy hair, you should take intensive care of your hair. The right care can avoid split ends and provide long hair with nutrients and moisture right up to the tips. Some tips that you can easily incorporate into your beauty routine to help your hair grow faster.

3. Regular tip cutting

For a healthy, long head of hair, there is no way around tip cutting. Because whoever pays a regular visit to the hairdresser prevents the formation of split ends and thus counteracts hair breakage. As a rule of thumb, one to two centimeters must be removed every ten weeks. It's best to enter a reminder directly in the calendar - then you don't forget to make the next hairdresser appointment.

3. Regular tip cutting | Growing Hair Faster: 10 Tips For Long Hair

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4. Use special shampoos

Shampoos with caffeine work very well against hair loss because caffeine stimulates the scalp - similar to a head massage. Increased blood flow to the scalp in turn stimulates the hair to grow faster. Shampoos with the coenzyme Q 10 achieve a similarly good effect. Their growth-promoting properties can of course also be used without hair loss: If you want a long head of hair, you should replace the normal shampoo with a shampoo with caffeine or Q10 every second hair wash. With regular use, the hair grows back faster and stronger.

5. Apply nourishing masks

Regular use of nourishing masks is essential for the hair. Special formulas with moisturizing aloe vera or rich argan oil care for the hair structure and counteract split ends. Hair masks cannot make hair grow faster, but they protect existing hair from breakage and thus play a crucial role in long, supple hair. Our tip: The nourishing Shade Variation Care mask by Christophe Robin. Ingredients such as almond butter, carrot oil, and buriti oil care for the hair right down to the tips.

6. Do a rinse with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar not only makes hair silky soft and shiny, it also cares for the scalp and makes it easier to comb. All three factors work effectively against split ends. The traditional home remedy is not only affordable, but it is also very easy to use and is our tip for a light beauty treatment at home to let the hair grow faster: Mix one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a liter of water, rinse after Apply shampoo to hair and wash well. Fortunately, the strong smell evaporates very quickly - as soon as the hair is dry, it no longer smells of apple cider vinegar.

6. Do a rinse with apple cider vinegar | Growing Hair Faster: 10 Tips For Long Hair

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7. Apply oils

Special oils such as olive oil, castor oil, or coconut oil - as an intensive mask or in connection with a head massage - also make the hair grow faster: Olive oil counteracts the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. Castor oil, meanwhile, contains many omega-6 fatty acids and thus stimulates hair growth in a natural way. Coconut oil is a similar miracle weapon because it penetrates directly into the hair and supplies it with nutrients and plenty of moisture. It is best to leave the oils on overnight as a cure once or twice a week. Good to know: Since castor oil is particularly thick, it usually takes two washes to remove all residues from the hair. To avoid oil stains on bed linen, it is best to wrap your hair in an old T-shirt overnight or sleep on a separate pillow.

8. Silk for beautiful hair

Beautiful hair in your sleep - that sounds too good to be true, but it actually works with a pillowcase made of silk or satin. These are not only incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin, they also protect the hair from split ends. Because while the rough surface of normal pillowcases puts additional strain on sensitive hair and thus promotes split ends, silk pillows are very gentle on the hair. Their smooth surface reduces unnecessary friction with the hair. So that the hair grows faster, you should bed it properly at night. Another plus point: Unsightly sleep lines on the face are also a thing of the past with a pillow made of silk.


9. A healthy diet

True beauty comes from within: Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are not only rewarded with a tight figure - their hair also grows back faster and stronger. A lack of nutrients, however, sooner or later leads to brittle, dull hair. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you should therefore ensure that the body receives enough iron and protein. A lack of trace elements and protein, unfortunately, promotes hair loss. Dietary supplements such as biotin, yeast, or silica can also help to grow strong and healthy hair quickly. Vitamins are also essential for hair growth. Hair specialist Philip Kingsley revealed in an interview with the US American Harper's Bazaar: "It is very important that there are enough B vitamins in the blood because they support the absorption of other vitamins and minerals."

9. A healthy diet | Growing Hair Faster: 10 Tips For Long Hair

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10. Have the hormonal balance checked

Do you care for your hair, have a healthy diet, and still your hair grows back very slowly? In that case, a hormonal disturbance could be the reason. Hormones have a direct impact on hair growth and can therefore be crucial in making hair grow faster. Taking the pill is one of the strongest interventions in the natural hormonal balance: it can promote beautiful hair, but unfortunately, it can also have the opposite effect. If you are suffering from hair loss or impaired hair growth, the best thing to do is to see your gynecologist - maybe the pill is the culprit. Another reason could be the thyroid gland, which can be examined with a blood count. The following applies to both points: Do not rush to self-diagnose, instead consult a doctor directly.

10. Have the hormonal balance checked | Growing Hair Faster: 10 Tips For Long Hair

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