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Your Hairdresser Would Like To Forbid You These 7 Things Immediately


#Coronahair has become the epitome of at-home hairstyling since lockdown. However, you should not make the following mistakes under any circumstances...

Your Hairdresser Would Like To Forbid You These 7 Things Immediately
Follow these tips when styling your hair.

1. Brushing too often

You shouldn't brush your hair more often than you really have to. Over time, this can thin your hairline and lead to increased hair loss. Also, always brush out the knots in the tips first and slowly work your way up to the scalp.

2. Washing too often

This is a vicious circle, especially with hair that gets greasy quickly: the hair becomes oily, you wash it, after a day it is oily again and you wash it again, and so on. Washing, especially with a cleansing shampoo, will remove the residue but also the sebum and natural oils on the scalp. If these are now missing, it can happen that the scalp produces more oil to compensate for this deficiency. Water also ensures that the protective film on the hair is removed, which means that daily washing can lead to brittle and dull hair. It is better to use dry shampoo and try to distribute the oil through the lengths of your hair by gently brushing it out. If necessary, hide your hair in your bad hair day hat or a bun for a day. In times of working from home, it may be more possible to delay washing. Your scalp will thank you.

3. Shape towel turban

After washing, let your hair dry quickly in a turban? Not a good idea, because the rough structure of common towels can make hair frizzy over time. Better take an old cotton shirt and blot or brush out your hair. This will also allow your natural hair structure to develop much better and healthier.

4. Apply styling products to the scalp

For many hairstyles, we use hairspray, mousse, and co. to get more grip and hold. However, these should not get to the hair roots, because they can stick together the hair follicles and thus inhibit hair growth. However, you should not do without the products, especially dry or tinted hair visibly breathe easier under a hair treatment.


5. Blow-dry too hot

The heat of a hair dryer or flat iron helps us to dry and style hair quickly. However, if you blow dry too hot, the hair structure is damaged and you risk split ends. It is therefore essential to invest in good heat protection or allow it to air dry.

6. Tie back strictly

Do you like to wear your hair super straight and in a tight braid? In addition to headaches, this can also cause hair loss and irritate the scalp. Instead, use this trick: spray your hair with some water before bedtime, then put a few drops of hair oil in your hair and tie it back with a scarf. This way the hair will already be smoother in the morning and you won't have to pinch it as tightly.

7. Play expert yourself

Most of you have probably already tried it: dyed or cut your hair yourself. Dying with drugstore colors, in particular, can cause serious damage to your hair structure, as these often contain particularly strong chemicals. It is not without reason that the color is matched exactly to your hair structure at a hairdresser's. If you do want to dye at home, do not use different brands. This can lead to unwanted chemical reactions and thus strange colors. Especially with whitening sprays or henna in combination with other agents, the result is unpredictable. Also, after coloring or tinting, be sure to use a rich conditioner for colored hair.

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