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We Adopt Water Waves, Wavy Hair Version 2022


We present to you the trendiest way to wear wavy waves this year, discover the star hairstyle of 2022.

We Adopt Water Waves, Wavy Hair Version 2022

No more disheveled wavy hair like coming back from the beach and the mermaid hair with almost notched waves that gave us mermaid hair last year! In 2022, the wavy effect is renewed again and offers us a more relaxed variant - and much easier to do! - wavy undulations: water waves. Offering a hairstyle with very flexible, almost undone waves, water waves offer a much cleaner result than the disheveled effect back from the beach but much less sophisticated than glamorous wavy waves or the perfect notches of mermaid's hair.

An ideal look for many occasions that is starting to get talked about and that is sure to be one of the must-have hairstyles for spring-summer 2022. The good news is that the water waves are reproduced super easily alone at home, with or without the use of heat!

Water waves, the new wavy effect of 2022

Water waves, the new wavy effect of 2022 | We Adopt Water Waves, Wavy Hair Version 2022

Loose but pronounced waves, water waves are ideal for giving style to mid-length to long hair.

Tutorial: 2 easy ways to make water waves

The easiest way to get that elegant loose wavy is to braid before going to bed so that the waves are printed in your lengths during the night. A well-known technique for curling your hair without heat that you just have to adapt to the desired result, by making only a few large braids (and not multiple small ones).

How to make water waves without heat?

Bonus tip: If you're having trouble getting beautiful water waves with this technique, try spraying some water on your hair before braiding it. This is a detail that can change the situation!

The easy technique to create water waves with a straightener in minutes

You did not plan soon enough to style your hair like this? Don't worry, to recreate this subtle but clean wavy effect, you can also use a straightener that allows you to make water waves by the minute. To do this, you must braid your hair before using the device:

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