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Turbo Metabolism Diet: Lose Weight In The Long Term Without Starvation

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Starving has long ceased to be a long-term method of losing weight. Now the sports scientist and book author Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse accordingly that with the turbo metabolism principle you can lose weight in a long-term and healthy way without eating less. In the following, we explain what is behind the diet and how you can use it to lose weight effectively.

Turbo Metabolism Diet: Lose Weight In The Long Term Without Starvation
If you get your metabolism running at full speed, you can lose weight without going hungry.

Lose weight without starvation - according to the principle of the turbo metabolism diet

Prof. Dr. Froböse designed the turbo metabolism method at the Center for Health at the Sport University in Cologne, thereby promising weight loss without starvation. Weight loss should be controlled solely through metabolism. It is important to bring it up to speed at all times and thus increase the basal metabolic rate, i.e. energy consumption, and thus melt excess fat.

Death to metabolism is starvation. This not only brings the metabolic apparatus to a standstill but also puts the body in trauma. As soon as the body is supplied with food, i.e. with energy, again, the body will create fat deposits in order to be prepared for the next hunger attack. In order not to put the metabolism into a state of rest through trauma, it is important to supply the body with the daily energy requirement.

This is how losing weight works with the Turbo Metabolism Diet

The professor recommends adjusting the diet plan to the biorhythm of the person so that the metabolism is permanently more efficient. Specifically, this means: crank up your metabolism in the morning with carbohydrates and give it energy for the day ahead. Eat light foods like vegetables for lunch to give the body the energy it needs for the afternoon. In the evening, a low-carbohydrate diet and a lot of protein, which can be found in eggs, meat, and fish, are particularly recommended. This relieves the body's digestive system, which shuts down the metabolism at night.

In addition, you should completely avoid sweetened drinks and instead switch to water and unsweetened teas. Also, make sure you let four hours pass after each meal to give the body enough time to digest.

Endurance and strength training support the effect of the turbo metabolism diet

You can also combine the diet with a mix of endurance training and strength training. Even a 30-minute workout increases the daily basal metabolic rate of calories in the long term, which leads to long-term weight loss with the nutrition plan according to the turbo metabolism diet. You also build up the muscles that are largely responsible for regulating the metabolism.

Conclusion: The turbo metabolism diet, which promotes a balanced diet and enough exercise for the body, is a healthy and long-term way to lose weight.

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