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5 Surprising Reasons For Gray Hair


Gray hair can (unfortunately) not be avoided. In some people, however, they occur earlier than they should. These five reasons can trigger it.

5 Surprising Reasons For Gray Hair
These factors favor early graying...

You are stressed out

Permanent stress causes restlessness in the body and also ensures that - surprise - the hair turns gray earlier. According to and Annika Vogt, Head of the Research Department of the Hair Competence Center of the Charité in Berlin, it is not only graying that is affected: "The hair roots are surrounded by a close-knit nerve network and react in a variety of ways to stress messengers, even in the hair roots Their effect is not limited to the pigment cells but also affects the hair-producing cells as a whole. For example, stress can not only discolor the hair but also cause acute hair loss."

They smoke

According to a study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, smokers gray two and a half times more often or earlier than non-smokers.

You're not taking good care of your scalp

Not only our hair but also our scalp needs the right care. A scalp massage, for example, increases blood circulation and ensures that nutrients are better absorbed. If you neglect to take care of your scalp, your hair may turn gray sooner.


You have trauma to deal with

Our psyche has an impact not only on our mental health but also on our physical one. Scientific American studies have shown that trauma affects our entire body. They also damage the hair follicles and release free radicals that destroy the hair's pigments.

You're in the sun too often

UV radiation attacks the hair follicles bleaches the hair and, when exposed to too much sunlight, ensures that the hair ages earlier or turns gray.

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