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Selena Gomez Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde


At the current Instagram post from Selena Gomez, we had to look twice because we almost didn't recognize the actress and singer. Why? The 28-year-old dared to make a drastic change in type and swapped her brunette whale mane for platinum blonde hair. We reveal why she is setting the hair color trend for 2021.

Selena Gomez Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde
What a change! Selena Gomez has traded her brunette whale mane for platinum blonde hair...

Great change: Selena Gomez relies on hair in platinum blonde

"New look. Now I have to pick out the new lip and blush colors from Rare Beauty. ”These words accompanied Selena Gomez's latest Instagram post on the account of her cosmetics label Rare Beauty. This is exactly where the actress presented her new hair color: platinum blonde.

Awesome! After all, the actress with a brunette whale mane is known. Your natural hair color now only shows through at the hairline. This not only provides a special edge but also makes growing out a bit smoother. Another beauty highlight: the ultra-light blonde goes perfectly with the fingernails of the 28-year-olds, which are dipped in different pastel colors.

Suddenly blonde hair: Selena Gomez with a radical makeover

Suddenly blonde hair: Selena Gomez with a radical makeover | Selena Gomez Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde
Instagram: @rarebeauty

Why hair in platinum blonde à la Selena Gomez is becoming the most important hair color trend for 2021

Selena Gomez dares to do what everyone is dreaming of! We long for an ultra-long pandemic winter with a baggy look in fashion and in beauty for drastic changes. That's why many celebrities are currently relying on fashion excess and are also breaking new ground with their hairstyle.

Selena Gomez is not alone with her desire for a completely new look, Billie Eilish and Penélope Cruz join the ranks of the new celebrity divas in platinum blonde. Because this look is diva-like. There is also a hip retro flair. After all, the light tone is THE signature hair color of glamorous Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.

Important: This hair color is particularly in need of care, as bleaching is particularly hard on the hair. Therefore, make sure that you give your hair special care. Put on a weekly care regimen and silver shampoos to prevent yellowing.

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