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Hair Clip: This Brilliant Technique For An Impeccable Hairstyle


Have trouble getting a nice hairstyle with your big hair clip? We show you how to set it up in 3 minutes flat.

Hair Clip: This Brilliant Technique For An Impeccable Hairstyle

Since making a noticeable comeback in our hair last year, the crab clip has become one of the most popular hair accessories for women with long (or medium-length) hair. Even the stars wear it! Models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are in the lead. Only downside: we have more control over the use of this hair clip to quickly lift our long hair than to go out. Many of us still find it difficult to wear it during the day because we can't manage to make an elegant hairstyle with it, nor to fix it permanently in our hair so that it lasts until the evening. And if you manage to get a nice hairstyle, after half an hour, it is not uncommon for the weight of the hair to completely undo the clip.

A hair problem that TikTok has just solved with a new beauty hack hairstyle that is making a buzz on the social network and which invites us to roll up our hair as if to make us a banana bun before hanging it in our hair. The key: an impeccable attachment that stays in place.

Hair Clip: This Brilliant Technique For An Impeccable Hairstyle



The technique for an impeccable hairstyle with a crab clip

No more styling attempts that end in a wobbly tie or flyaways, this ultra-simple technique allows us to create a beautiful hairstyle worthy of being shown off, or even worn for special occasions.

You see, finally, this must-have clip in the 90s does not ask us for such great hairdressing skills.

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