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Home Office Hairstyle: Style Your Hair Faster Than Ever Before


Do you want to start the day well-styled, but not invest too much time in your hair? Then a center-parted hairstyle is perfect for you. It's fast, it's hot in 2021, and gives you many options.

Home office hairstyle: Style your hair faster than ever before

There are only a few centimeters that distinguish the side from the middle part - and yet optically there are worlds in between. Hardly anything changes our face as much as the side or center of our head of hair. And the "golden mean" has some advantages on its side:

The symmetry of the hair flatters the face and emphasizes the evenness of your features. Round-faced women may want to be careful as the contours of the nose, chin, and cheeks become less apparent at the middle parting. The face then appears flattered, but this can be easily corrected with the right make-up on the cheekbones.

The middle parting opens up many possibilities for you

Whether it's an undone look or a sleek style, a middle parting hairstyle doesn't take much time. With a little practice, it can be done in seconds. If you want to add a bun or ponytail to the parting, you should plan a little more time in the bathroom. The trendy beach waves also take a few minutes longer, even when the waving iron or curling iron is ready for use. If the video call is still a bit off, it's worth it!


You shouldn't be too meticulous with the undone look, it would only reduce the result. You can simply pull the middle part with your finger and then combed the hair to one side. With the undone look, however, it is particularly important that the mane is freshly washed and the complexion has a youthful glow. Under no circumstances should it appear neglected. Anyone who currently suffers from dandruff should do without here initially.


Straight, shiny hair and the neatly drawn middle part create the perfect sleek look. And that makes something! This hairstyle looks fabulous, especially for women with oval faces, because they look very feminine, but at the same time serious and divinely aloof. In business meetings, in particular, many ask themselves: How does she do it? The look magically pulls the arguments to your side.



There is a strong argument in favor of a bun or ponytail to the middle parting in the home office: The hair is tamed and cannot fall uncontrollably into your face. This is just as advantageous in front of the computer camera as it is in the many hand movements that still have to be carried out in the household. These hairstyles look serious and well-groomed anyway, beautiful hair clips can also set their own accents.


The Beach Waves are far less strict. They give your hair a flowing movement that looks adorable, especially with a long mane. The wave iron can do a good job here so that the look survives the long day in the home office. And even this hairstyle should be styled in minutes. If you have naturally wavy hair, simply spray some saltwater spray into damp hair in the morning and let it dry slowly.

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