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Platinum Blonde Hair Like Chanel Will Become A Hair Trend In Autumn 2023!


Anyone who has followed the current prêt-à-porter show from Chanel should have noticed a certain hair trend in addition to the delicate butterfly dresses and reinterpreted classics in black and white. According to Chanel, you can make a note of the special color for the next visit to the hairdresser and most certainly for the coming season: silky soft hair dyed in even platinum blonde and refined with a dark approach. Experts know which coloring tricks can be used to achieve light blondes and which care steps are then important.

Platinum Blonde Hair Like Chanel Will Become A Hair Trend In Autumn 2023!
We are now looking at this hair color trend at Chanel: platinum blonde with a dark approach.

Elegant and casual at the same time: Platinum blonde as a trend look

Whether Marilyn Monroe or Gwen Stefani - platinum blonde (or “Scandinavian” blonde) hair attracts attention like a magnet. Maybe because the very light, cool blonde always reminds a little of summer, the beach and the sea, looks good-humored and uncomplicated. Platinum blonde hair is anything but uncomplicated. Because not only the way there (which, depending on the respective natural hair color, includes more or less dying and bleaching steps) can be unexpectedly complex and accordingly require a lot of patience - for example, if after the first lightening pass the hair looks more copper-red than Scandinavian blonde. In addition, the hair is heavily stressed during bleaching and dyeing and can become brittle, dry, and brittle. But as elaborate as the look may seem, it looks just as beautiful as you can see from the example of Chanel.

Elegant and casual at the same time: Platinum blonde as a trend look | Platinum Blonde Hair Like Chanel Will Become A Hair Trend In Autumn 2023!
Even platinum blonde with a dark base and dark eyebrows.

It is therefore essential to seek advice from an expert beforehand. Highly concentrated bleaching should also be avoided and instead, only modern coloring textures should be used, which provide the hair with important nutrients and moisture during application and protect it as much as possible (even with very light blond tones). In addition, a rich and daily care routine with special shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments is essential after bleaching. So that the platinum blonde hair looks as noble, healthy, and casual at the same time as it does with Chanel.

Hair trend in autumn 2021: This is how platinum blonde hair stays beautiful for a long time

The following professional tips will help transform your hair into a silky platinum blonde that neither looks brittle or dry nor leads to split ends, broken ends:

1. Have the hairdresser dye it

The expert can optimally adjust the concentration of bleaching and coloring components to the individual hair structure and natural tone in order to achieve the desired coloring result and at the same time protect the hair as much as possible. In addition, it is easy for the hairdresser to skip the approach by a few millimeters for a trend look like the one at Chanel, so that later it looks as if the platinum blonde has already grown out of two to three weeks. Important: Especially if the natural hair color is dark blonde, brown or darker, you should visit a hairdresser and not bleach the hair yourself.


2. Stay away from bleaches from the drugstore

Inexpensive product variants usually contain a concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is far too high, which not only permanently damages the hair structure, but also strains the scalp and hair roots and can thus lead to irritation and real hair damage. Those who know their hair well, who are naturally medium blonde, ash blonde, or lighter, and who dare to dye themselves should consistently fall back on professional products such as those by Josh Wood ("Josh Wood Color") or Shan Rahimkhan ("Shyne"). Their textures are largely based on natural coloring and care products, are particularly gentle and very effective. The respective websites not only offer tutorials on correct coloring - but a questionnaire also determines the optimal shade for each initial hair color so that a correspondingly optimized product set can be put together (and reordered again and again for "refresh").

2. Stay away from bleaches from the drugstore | Platinum Blonde Hair Like Chanel Will Become A Hair Trend In Autumn 2023!

3. Introduce a comprehensive maintenance routine

The care afterward is almost as important as the correct coloration - because, in order for the hair to shine in the very light, cool shade of blonde, it must first be lightened by several shades (depending on the original hair color) - which removes pigments and moisture from the hair. The darker the hair is before use, the more stress it will be subjected to the treatment. The products used for daily hair care should be correspondingly rich, from shampoo to intensive treatment. Textures based on essential oils, keratin, and provitamin B5, which regenerate the stressed hair fiber from the inside out and close the cuticle, are ideal.

Tip: To ensure that platinum blonde remains as beautifully radiant as it was freshly dyed by the hairdresser, experts recommend product lines with violet or silver-colored components that neutralize the undesirable yellow and brass tones and make the blonde shimmer as if covered with mother-of-pearl. Special gloss variants intensify this effect!

3. Introduce a comprehensive maintenance routine | Platinum Blonde Hair Like Chanel Will Become A Hair Trend In Autumn 2023!
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