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Sophie Marceau: Unrecognizable With Long Blonde Hair


Sophie Marceau surprised her fans. For her next film role, the actress adopts long strawberry blonde hair. She is unrecognizable.

Sophie Marceau: Unrecognizable With Long Blonde Hair

If there are celebrities who dare all the greatest extravagances in terms of hairstyle and coloring, others prefer sobriety. This is particularly the case of Sophie Marceau. Since her debut in the world of cinema, she has not changed. She sports natural brown hair that she enjoys wearing with a long bob. Another characteristic of Sophie Marceau's hairstyle: her curtain bangs, which she wears wonderfully. But lately, for the needs of a film, the actress has radically changed her mind. A radical transformation!

In the Chinese feature film The Curse of Turandot released in theaters in the country last October, Sophie Marceau plays the role of an empress. For this occasion, she had swapped her brown bob for incredibly long, light hair. In a photo shared via Instagram, the French actress appears with strawberry blonde hair and straight bangs. With a smile on her lips and a crown on her head, Sophie Marceau is lightly made up. However, despite this discreet and natural beauty, the actress is unrecognizable.

This hairstyle looks great on her, however, it was just a simple wig. Sophie Marceau has not really let her hair grow and discolored all of her hair. On her personal Instagram account, she has never shown herself with this cut. She still sports her iconic square and natural brown. It must be said that it suits her perfectly and looks like him. Sophie Marceau is therefore not ready to change her hair color!

Sophie Marceau: Unrecognizable With Long Blonde Hair

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