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Festive Hairstyles: 5 Most Beautiful Hairstylings For The Christmas Season


Festive hairstyles are very popular again by Christmas time at the latest. Whether short haircut or long mane: We shows the five most beautiful looks including instructions for re-styling

Most beautiful festive hairstyles for Christmas

Festive hairstyles should underline your elegant look and flatter both your complexion and your appearance. Whether you opt for a pinned up version or a playful braided hairstyle is of course up to you. We only give assistance.

Party curls

Party curls | Festive hairstyles: 5 most beautiful hairstylings for the Christmas season

  1. For this exciting look, you will be an eye-catcher at every party and this hair styling is also ideal for Christmas. If you have naturally curly hair, work it with a diffuser after washing to get the maximum volume out of your wavy hair. For straight hair, use a thin curling iron and plenty of hairsprays. Edit your hair with thin strands and fix them with the spray immediately afterward.
  2. To give the styling an elegant need, the handle on a hair accessory is suitable. Similar to the model here, you can place several clasps close together or braid a thin section backward and secure it with golden hairpins. A volume stying spray like the "Voluforme" from Leonor Greyl, approx. 21 euros, keeps your curls in shape.

Twisted Knot

Twisted Knot | Festive hairstyles: 5 most beautiful hairstylings for the Christmas season

  1. Another undone variant that will make you an eye-catcher on the holidays. In a few steps, you can conjure up this naturally loose hairstyle. To do this, brush your hair well first and pull out the first strands from the sides of your head.
  2. Hold your hair mid-length and start twisting it - be careful to move it as loosely as possible. You will notice that your hair will lay on its own when the maximum twist is reached. Depending on your hair length, this can result in a different number of twists.
  3. In any case, fix the end of the hair with a wide hair clip or several smaller models. You can then pull out small strands of hair to the side to underline the undone look.
  4. You can also curl the front strands of your bangs with a curling iron such as the "Classic Curl Tong" from Ghd, approx. 189 euros.


Disheveled Twist

Disheveled Twist | Festive hairstyles: 5 most beautiful hairstylings for the Christmas season

  1. This hairstyle is reminiscent of the "banana" that was celebrated in the 80s. It is particularly suitable for medium-length hair. The most important tool in the twist is two simple hairpins. Brush your hair from one side of the back of your head to the other and keep all of your hair to one side here. Now insert two bobby pins into the brushed section of hair. It is important that you stick a needle into the hair from above and one from below - the openings should meet in the middle.
  2. Now, fold your "held" hair in over the bobby pins from the other side. This move is a bit difficult - but with a little practice, you will succeed perfectly.
  3. The "Disheveled Twist" is a glamorous undone variant of the strict banana and can therefore look a little more casual. To do this, fix your twist with any number of hairpins for a secure hold. Afterward, you are welcome to pull out individual strands in the pony section and on the sides. How to create the perfect festive hairstyle.
  4. Hairspray ensures the right finish.

Deep braid

Deep braid | Festive hairstyles: 5 most beautiful hairstylings for the Christmas season

  1. A great styling idea for women with very long hair. First, treat your entire hair with a structure spray, such as the "Spray Structure Naturelle" from Leonor Greyl, approx. 27 euros, which gives your hair more grip.
  2. Gradually part your hair and work it with a wide curling iron. You do not have to start close to the hairline - it is enough if you start after a third of your hair length.
  3. When your hair is completely curled, separate two equal sections of hair on the right and left and brush them against the grain several times. Now gather the teased hair sections at the back of the head with the rest of the hair in a deep ponytail.
  4. Separate a strand from the braid and wrap it around the hair elastic you used. Then fix the end of the strand with a hairpin.
  5. For maximum volume, you can then tease the braid as well.

Tip: Find thin strands in the middle of the ponytail and start with these - because too much teasing removes the festive character of your hairstyle.

Casual waves

Casual waves | Festive hairstyles: 5 most beautiful hairstylings for the Christmas season

  1. Spray a structure spray into your dried hair for grip, then part. A side parting looks particularly elegant with this style, as it gives one side extra volume.
  2. Now you can use an aid: either a curling iron or a straightening iron - depending on which device you can work better with. In any case, you gradually part off sections of hair and curl them with the device. You don't have to be very precise and you are welcome to use different sized strands. In the end, you achieve a perfect "undone" look.
  3. When you have curled all the hair strands, grab a brush like the "Oval Dressing Brush" from Ghd, around 34 euros. Now carefully brush out your curls again, so that loose waves are created. For more volume, use a comb afterward, with which you can gently tease your hair from the tips against the grain.
  4. For the right finish, use hairspray that holds your mane in place. You can upgrade your hair styling with matching hair accessories. For example, pin a few adorned hair clips on the short side of the parting - perfect for a glamorous look this Christmas.

How to find the perfect festive hairstyle

Your chosen outfit and make-up for the festive occasion usually serve as a guide. Does an open hairstyle match the neckline of your dress or is a pinned bun better? Does an elegant braid fall perfectly into the back neckline of your blouse and could you combine your beloved pearl clips in your hair with your glitter eyeshadow? Mentally make a small checklist that will bring you closer to your ideal festive hairstyle. You should of course also consider your hair length. It should be noted, but should not be an obstacle - because beautiful updos can be conjured up with both short and long hair and hair looks great in any length even with open hair styling.

Festive hairstyles: tips for styling your hair

For short hair, open hairstyles with side parting are particularly popular. You can often embellish these with a few hair accessories, such as clips with pearl decorations or a retro headband a la Prada. Long hair is often twisted into a braid or an elegant bun. The "undone" look is very popular here. The hairstyling, which looks quite unintentional and stands in a relaxed, casual contrast to your glamorous appearance, can be done with a few simple steps - as hairstyle number five in the gallery above shows. Aids such as curling irons and straightening irons, but also structure spray and hair clips, will help you with the styling of the various hairstyles. The five most beautiful festive hairstyles and the instructions for the looks can be found in our gallery above.

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