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Emma Chamberlain On Acne, Tiktok Make-Up And Her Secret Weapon For Super Soft Skin


Youtube sensation Emma Chamberlain guides us through her beauty routine. From the right care for sensitive skin to its natural everyday look - and why it no longer conceals the circles under the eyes.

Emma Chamberlain on acne, TikTok make-up and her secret weapon for super soft skin

Emma Chamberlain and her beauty guide

"Let's go!" Calls Emma Chamberlain. Today the 19-year-old YouTube sensation shows her beauty routine to us. In the beginning, she explains how to care for her blemish-prone skin. "I have a love-hate relationship with my acne," says Chamberlain, who has struggled with severe blemishes since puberty. Thanks to a seven-month treatment with Accutane last year, however, her skin is almost completely free of impurities. "It made me fall in love with skincare all over again," explains Chamberlain, who now swears by a combination of mask and oil from Bad Habit.

A tea tree oil that she did not get from prominent beauticians but from her father should not be missing in her routine. "Acne runs in family, so I always felt like I had the support of my parents who said, 'We get it,'" she recalls. Emma points out, however, that there is no one-size-fits-all formula in cosmetics: "The crazy thing about skincare, I've realized is that it's different for everyone."

Emma Chamberlain: Sometimes less is more

Emma Chamberlain experimented with makeup (and lots of it) while she was a cheerleader in high school. Today she is a little gentler with her face. "What I've learned is that less is more. I've watched tutorials and realized that you don't have to put the whole bottle of foundation in your hand to make your skin look good," she explains, picking up only a handful of Products including Kosas' tinted oil and creamy concealer - though she may soon be giving that up, too. "It's funny," she says. "I'm starting to see people on TikTok painting dark circles under my eyes and I'm like, 'Wait a minute! Dark circles are trendy now?' Count me in!"

A touch of bronzer, a layer of Twiggy-Esque mascara, and a plumping lip gloss are next - as is some dry shampoo and hairspray for her freshly dyed brown hair. Ultimately, even the best blushes and eyebrow gels are not enough to save the social media star from occasional self-doubts: "When I start to worry too much, I turn off the phone and play the drums, hang out with a friend off, talk to my parents ... "says Emma. "That'll fix everything."

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