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7 Quick Hairstyles For Long Hair


If you have to go fast again, you should use these quick hairstyles for long hair.

7 quick hairstyles for long hair

Blake Lively wears a ponytail with braided details.

Do you have little time in the morning and still feel like a great hairstyle? Then here are a few tips on how to achieve the perfect 5-minute hairstyle.

The classic "messy bun"

The "quick bun" is nothing new, but it does require a little more tact to ensure that it fits perfectly and lasts for a long time. Then it is not only suitable as a "home hairstyle", but also for the office or the party. Simply tie your hair strictly in a bun and then carefully pull individual strands out of the elastic. But please do not let them fall out completely. This gives the hairstyle more volume and the "chaos look". Nice detail: pull out one strand completely, wrap it around the back of the hair tie so that it is covered, and secure with a hairpin.

The classic `messy bun` | 7 quick hairstyles for long hair

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Curled strands

So simple and easy: the classic "half updo". Some strands are gathered together on the top of the head and attached to the back of the head with needles or a small clamp. To make the whole thing even more special, you can leave two thin strands left and right (at the temples). Twist both strands into a cord and tie them at the back.

Side peasant braid

Do you have mastered the peasant plaiting technique? Then it's best to braid a wreath over your head and let the braid fall down on the side. If you prefer to braid normally, simply tie a side braid and pin the rest of the hair away from your face at the roots using thin clips. The perfect hairstyle when you don't want facial hair.

Side peasant braid | 7 quick hairstyles for long hair

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Double ponytail

If you want longer hair, this trick is perfect. Simply part the hair at the back of your head horizontally so that you get a top and bottom layer of hair. Tie both parts in a ponytail with a thin hair elastic. If you now hang both parts on top of each other, you get a casual ponytail that looks twice as long.

Double ponytail | 7 quick hairstyles for long hair

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Pinned Page

For this hairstyle you really only need a minute and, above all, a nice bobby pin (available here, for example). Simply part a side part and pin the hair section on the side with less hair to the side of the head. The beautiful hair clip gives the look that certain something.

Pinned Page | 7 quick hairstyles for long hair

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Curled ponytail

This version makes the classic ponytail a little more special. Simply tie a braid in the middle of the back of the head, split hair above the hair elastic, and wrap the ponytail through the opening.

Braided bun

To make the classic bun a little more exciting, braid a normal braid first. Then twist it into a bun and secure it to the head with hairpins. Fix with some hairspray and the glamor bun is ready!

Braided bun | 7 quick hairstyles for long hair

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