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The Mixie Is The Coolest Short Haircut


Rebellious and sophisticated at the same time. Only the mixie can do that – probably the coolest short hairstyle for 2022. The practical hybrid of pixie and mullet is taking heads by storm. Rightly so, as we find.

The Mixie is The Coolest Short Haircut
The mixie is a hybrid of two haircuts - the mullet and pixie.

The Mixie is The Coolest Short Haircut
The bob? Take a break now.

Hairstyle trend 2022: The mixie is the coolest short haircut

Going for a short haircut is a big step. And as is well known, this needs to be well thought out. The bob is too boring for you? Then try a hip rebel cut. A haircut that is particularly rebellious, practical, but also quite chic - such as the octopus cut, wolf cut, or: the mixie!

What does the mixie look like?

In 2022 it is currently particularly popular to combine two haircuts with each other. For example, in the octopus cut, the shag meets the mullet. The hip mixie is a mixture of pixie and mullet (mullet). The latter retro hairstyle has caused more laughs in the past. However, the Mixie proves how cool and modern the mullet can be in the meantime. Because the longer hair at the nape of the neck and on the ears give the lovely pixie a rebellious and cool update.

Who suits the mixie?

Whether slightly wavy or straight hair. The Mixie suits pretty much every hair structure. The trend hairstyle only becomes a problem for very curly hair. Fine hair, on the other hand, benefits particularly from the short hairstyle, as the many layers give the hair more volume. Tip: Short, frayed bangs also go well with the Mixie, but are not a must.

Who suits the mixie? | The Mixie is The Coolest Short Haircut
Who suits the mixie? | The Mixie is The Coolest Short Haircut
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How is the mixie styled?

The Mixie thrives on effortless and casual styling. So from the undone look. Perfect? Nothing has to fit with this hairstyle trend. In theory, you can get started with a Mixie as soon as you get up. If you still want to give the mixie some structure, you can work in some hair wax, styling spray, or mousse.

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