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Is Double Cleansing The Beauty Secret For Beautiful Skin?


Double-Cleansing: This beauty trick, which goes back to the beauty habits of the geishas, is recommended by skincare experts. We'll show you how and why it works.

Is Double Cleansing The Beauty Secret For Beautiful Skin?

Double-Cleansing gives pure, radiant skin.

Having beautiful skin is the desire and goal that many of us strive for as there is no makeup that can cover tired and neglected skin. And although the skincare market is currently booming and the cosmetics industry will earn billions of dollars in the next few years, pure skin is already a women's concern that dates back to ancient times; one just has to double up on care techniques like that Look at cleaning to see this.

It is the geisha's beauty secret

Known as the geishas' beauty secret for glowing skin, double cleansing is a beauty routine that is still practiced today by women in Asian-Oriental countries. And yes, it might sound like a tip from our grandmothers, but luckily, this facial cleansing technique is endorsed by dermatologists and cosmetics experts when it comes to having clear skin. So it's time to dig deeper into the subject.

It is the geisha's beauty secret | Is Double Cleansing The Beauty Secret For Beautiful Skin?

This is how to double cleaning works

The cleansing technique consists of applying two cleansers to the skin, one oil-based and one water-based, not only to achieve a deep cleansing that goes beyond the first layers of the skin but also to prepare for the care that is applied afterward, since your pores are completely clean.

Remember, the oil-based cleanser removes blemishes, makeup, sunscreen, sebum, and debris, while the second water-based cleanser removes sweat and dirt that has penetrated the lower layers of the dermis.

It's as simple as it sounds: instead of one detergent you have to use two, but it is very important that you apply the oil-based one first and then the water-based one. Various books such as "The Tale of Genji" from the 11th century speak of this cleaning routine, while other historians confirm this and claim that the geishas in Kyoto first cleaned their faces with camellia oil and later, as a second detergent, rice water or some of it with a light detergent Apply foam.

This is how to double cleaning works | Is Double Cleansing The Beauty Secret For Beautiful Skin?

It is time to bring the age-old beauty secret into the 21st century.

"At first it was the only way to remove the white geisha makeup with oil, but after constant use, it attacked the skin. The cleansing oils were the only thing that could remove the white foundation. After removing the thick makeup. up layer helped the geishas do a second cleansing with a light detergent to freshen their skin while removing any oil residue, "said Maree Lavo, vice president of education and sales development for Japanese brand Shiseido.

For which skin type is double cleansing suitable?

The double cleansing is suitable for every skin, regardless of whether it is sensitive, dry, mixed, or oily. In the case of people with the overly oily dermis, it can remove the excess oil from the skin, and for acne-prone skin, this routine can help remove the bacteria that are causing blemishes.

For which skin type is double cleansing suitable? | Is Double Cleansing The Beauty Secret For Beautiful Skin?


How often can I double cleanse?

It is recommended to do it every evening (the geishas did it this way to remove dirt and makeup).

If you are one of those people who are short of time or have had a hectic day do it at least two or three times a week, you will see that you will soon notice the difference.

What are the best detergents for double cleaning?

That depends on your skin type because based on this and the needs that the skin has, you can combine the right products.

Acne-prone skin

Look for lightweight, oil-based cleansers designed for your skin type. If you find that its ingredients are supplemented with vitamin E or glycolic acid, it's a must-have in your routine. You need to look for something similar in your water-based cleaner, and one that contains ingredients like salicylic acid to help remove bacteria that is under the first layer of skin.

Combination skin

If your skin in the T-zone is very oily and dry on the cheeks and chin, your best bet is to look for a product that is fortified with ceramides (for both the oil-based cleaner and the normal one) and has a light texture.

Combination skin | Is Double Cleansing The Beauty Secret For Beautiful Skin?

Dry to normal skin

To control skin sensitivity, you need cleansers that regulate the pH of your skin or contain moisturizing elements like vitamin E, jojoba oil, or shea butter.

Some of the brands where you can find skin-friendly, oil-based cleansers are Biossance, Caudalie, Shiseido, Boscia, Kiehl's, or L'Occitane. As for the water-based products, some of the best are at Estée Lauder, Lush, The Body Shop, First Aid Beauty, Cerave, AHAL, and Lancôme.

It's not about changing your entire beauty routine, but rather adding a habit that can do a lot for your skin: join in?

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