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Highlights For Brown And Black Hair: These Highlights Suit You


Highlights also give brown and black hair more luminosity. Our expert reveals which techniques and color nuances look most natural.

Streaks and highlights provide more luminosity even with dark hair

Highlights for brown and black hair: These highlights suit you

When we talk about highlights or highlights for the hair, we usually think directly of blonde hair, where techniques like balayage or babylights are common. But there are also options for brown or black hair that benefit greatly from the extra luminosity that certain procedures can give them. Plus, highlights can be the perfect way to change the way we look a little and get out of the routine without making too drastic changes. As long as we choose well, of course, because what works for a blonde doesn't necessarily have to go well with a brunette. So it's a very good idea to put yourself in the hands of color experts. Laia Pérez, a colorist at "Le Salon Barcelona", gives us all the information so that we don't regret the makeover.

Which strands or highlights work best on dark hair?

While not the most popular technique, Laia Pérez points out that the most recommended option for dark, black or brown hair is the sunlight effect technique, which she explains "is done in three stages. The first, around Enhancing the light where you want it - it depends on the cut - the second to lighten the lengths, and the third just to add sheen", she explains.

Usually, this type of highlight is applied to the front and top of the head because "we always try to make the complexion glow", although the expert points out that this may also depend on the length and our haircut so that the sunlight -Effect highlights are recommended for "straight, fine and smooth hair". For long hair that is slightly feathery or cut in layers, the specialist advises a balayage or melting technique, which brings a more natural result that corresponds to the length.

Which highlight shades flatter brunettes (and which don't)?

Just as the techniques above are the most advisable to create luminosity without making it look artificial, we also need to consider the hues with which to make the highlights or reflections. As you'd expect, the most flattering ones are those that look like a reflection of the light, but without straying too far from the hair's natural color palette. That's why the Le Salon expert advises: "Bronze, caramel and, this year as a novelty, copper tones are right at the top of the list." In contrast, she thinks that "the typical orange-reddish or a shade with a rusty effect and bleaching in general" is the least recommended.

Of course, this only applies if we want a natural result, even if several celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, or Kaia Gerber have already started experimenting with the chunky highlights this season that came straight back from the first decade of the 2000s are. We're referring to those broad, intense blonde highlights - with no gradient effect - that was popular with many celebrities at the time. But that would create a whole different look. So if we want to achieve a brighter mane, it is best to avoid these hues.

How to care for dark hair with highlights?

For blondes or for gray or white hair, using a purple shampoo is usually the solution to maintain the color and prevent the tone from turning yellow or green. For brunettes and people with black hair with highlights, however, this special care is not necessary, as the expert emphasizes: "With a dark base color, shampoos with violet pigments do not affect or change anything, they are recommended for lighter hair tones, from the medium blonde."

Then how do we take care of our hair and strands? Laia Pérez recommends "moisturizing once a week, alternating with a more nutrient-rich regimen. With long hair, I would do a little more with every wash, either with a cream or a leave-in serum, always after the shampoo."

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