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Cellulite: Thread Lifting Is So Effective As A Beauty Trend


For cellulite and orange peel, experts recommend various strategies, such as targeted workouts to tighten the tissue on the buttocks and thighs, massages to stimulate blood circulation and detoxification, and special skincare products and anti-cellulite gels to smooth the skin from the outside. Common to all methods is a necessary consequence of the application as well as perseverance and patience with regard to the visible success of the treatment. On the other hand, thread lifting as a beauty trend promises a significantly faster result for the treatment of cellulite and orange peel. An expert explains how the minimally invasive treatment smooths annoying dents over the long term and what needs to be considered.

Beauty trend against cellulite: This is how a thread lift smooths the dents from the inside

Beauty trend against cellulite: This is how a thread lift smooths the dents from the inside | Cellulite: thread lifting is so effective as a beauty trend
There are many gymnastic variants against cellulite... a thread lift is now a new beauty trend that should have an equally convincing effect (N ° 21 Resort 2021)

Effective trend treatment: This is how a thread lift smooths the cellulite from the inside

Similar to the anti-aging treatment for the face, in which threads drawn into the skin tissue are supposed to lift and tighten the contours, thread lifting also works for cellulite. Special threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) are placed under the skin on the affected parts of the body using a fine needle. Several threads, which run in parallel lines and crosswise, are interwoven in the connective tissue to form a regular network.

Effective trend treatment: This is how a thread lift smooths the cellulite from the inside | Cellulite: thread lifting is so effective as a beauty trend
Perseverance and consistency are essential for an effective anti-cellulite treatment.

Thread lifting beauty trend: This is how it works as an anti-cellulite treatment

Once the threads have been inserted into the tissue and the operation is complete, there is an immediate multiple support effect: First of all, because the slack connective tissue is held in shape and tightened as if by an internal corset, which immediately makes the surface appear smoother and the body shape more contoured. In addition, both the irritation of the needle and the thread material itself leads to a desired inflammatory reaction in the tissue and to activation of the fibroblasts, i.e. the connective tissue cells. As a result, the tissue is significantly better supplied with blood and detoxified, and important metabolic and regeneration processes such as collagen synthesis or the production of hyaluronic acid and elastic fibers (elastin) are boosted.

As a result, stored fat and lymph reserves (which are responsible for the unsightly dents) can be loosened and broken down, while the connective tissue plumps up, firms and tightens itself over time. “Tissue is built up by inserting polydioxanone threads (PDO) into the orange peel area. After about eight to twelve weeks, collagen fibers are formed around the threads, which then strengthen, strengthen and smooth this area, ”explains Dr. Dağdelen, Vice President of the Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany e.V. (GÄCD), a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and founder and medical director of Diamond Aesthetics, the lasting effect of thread lifting.

Conclusion: A thread lift improves cellulite and orange peel in two ways: thanks to an immediate mechanical support effect and due to the biochemical reaction sequence, the result of which becomes visible after about two to three months. Even after the PDO threads have dissolved (about six to eight months), the complexion appears visibly smoother and more even than before.


Thread lifting against cellulite: This is how the procedure works

After the consultation, the attending physician draws the optimal course of the threads from the outside onto the relevant part of the body. An anesthetic ointment or local anesthetic via injection ensures painless treatment and facilitates the precise insertion of the sutures. In the prone position, the doctor then weaves the invisible support corset thread by thread under the skin and smooths the cellulite. Except for slight bruises at the puncture sites, no restrictions or side effects are to be expected after the procedure - the thread lifting is considered to be low-risk, according to the expert. For a visible and, above all, long-term effect, three thread lifts are recommended every eight weeks. The costs are calculated depending on the individual scope of treatment, a 30-minute procedure is around 400 euros.

A cellulite thread lift brings particularly good effects for those who are naturally endowed with a comparatively firm skin structure and good connective tissue. "Thread lifting is not recommended for patients who have excess skin due to severe weight loss," says Dr. Dağdelen to consider. An alternative can then be lifting, laser lipolysis, and/or liposuction.

Tip: The anti-cellulite treatment can be supported and the complexion of the buttocks and thighs can be further improved with a diet low in salt, sugar, fat and carbohydrates, exercise, and the appropriate skincare.

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