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Attention! These Hairstyles Break The Hair


Do you get split ends quickly? Then you should rethink your favorite hairstyle. We'll tell you which 5 hairstyles you should wear less often from now on - for the sake of your hair.

Attention! These popular hairstyles will break your hair

Are you wondering why your hair is brittle and brittle despite an extended care program? That could be due to the wrong hairstyle. Anyone who expects their hair to be styled extensively every day can damage it in the long term. And we're not just talking about hot air from the hairdryer. Certain hairstyles can also cause split ends and dry ends.

Attention! These popular hairstyles will break your hair | Attention! These hairstyles break the hair

We'll tell you here which hairstyles you should wear less often so as not to damage your hair in the long term.

# 1: stern bun

# 1: stern bun | Attention! These hairstyles break the hair

There is hardly a more timeless and versatile hair styling than the bun. From messy and half buns to deep buns and top knots. Especially on days when we don't feel like washing our hair, a bun hairstyle is the perfect styling to hide a greasy approach.

But be careful: a bun shouldn't become the standard look. Why? Due to the shape, our hair is unnaturally kinked and stressed. The following applies the higher and stricter the bun, the more the hair is affected. Excessive pull on the hairline and hair roots can cause our hair to stop growing.

# 2: tight braids

# 2: tight braids | Attention! These hairstyles break the hair

Braided hairstyles are actually not bad for our hair. However, this only applies to loosely braided hair, such as a casually styled peasant braid. But those who like to braid their hair close to the head usually tend to pull the strands of hair too tight so that the hairstyle lasts as long as possible.

Unfortunately, a tightly braided hairstyle has an effect similar to that of a high ballerina bun. The hair roots are stressed too much and the hair grows more slowly. But that doesn't mean that you have to do without great braided hairstyles forever.


# 3: curls and beach waves

# 3: curls and beach waves | Attention! These hairstyles break the hair

Admittedly: We also love trendy beach waves - especially with medium-length hair or a long bob. But regular heat styling with the curling iron will eventually make itself felt: Our hair becomes dry and dull.

So give your hair a few days' curling iron breaks every now and then. An intensely nourishing hair mask or cure should also be on the program at least once a week if styling is frequent.

Tip: Be sure to use a heat protection product. It absorbs part of the heat energy and makes styling with the curling iron more gentle on the hair.

# 4: straightened hair

# 4: straightened hair | Attention! These hairstyles break the hair

Our hair has its problems not only with the curling iron but also with the beloved straightening iron. When straightening, our hair is exposed to the extreme heat of up to 200 degrees. Our hair needs a high temperature to temporarily deform. But at the same time, it damages the structure of our hair. The result: They become straw-like and split ends occur.

Good heat protection can protect your hair from permanent damage even when straightening it. But it is better not to use the straightening iron every day.

# 5: ponytail

# 5: ponytail | Attention! These hairstyles break the hair

Especially in stressful situations at work or on particularly warm days, reaching for the next best elastic band is pure routine. And in no time at all, our hair is tied in a ponytail that keeps every strand of hair out of our face, no matter how annoying.

But even the absolute classic among hairstyles can break your hair. If you wear your ponytail particularly strictly and always at the same height, you not only stress your hairline and roots. The place where the elastic sits will also be damaged - especially if it is always the same place. The hair structure changes and our mane becomes more brittle.

Tip: vary your ponytail hairstyle. Wear it sometimes low and elegant, sometimes a little higher. Also, be careful not to tie the elastic too tightly.

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