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Hairstyle Trend: It'S That Easy To Style Our Hair In Winter 2023


This is how we will wear our hair in winter 2021 - styling is so easy...

Scrunchies will remain our favorite hair accessory in winter 2021. After all, the pretty hair ties are available in a wide variety of designs and can therefore be styled for every occasion and every outfit. Whether the cotton scrunchie with flowers for everyday life or the velvet for the business look, scrunchies should not be missing from the hairstyle trends of the season. We especially love the trend hairstyle made of scrunchie and a deep bun. It looks super elegant and is easy to style too.

Hairstyle Trend: It's That Easy To Style Our Hair In Winter 2023
Office, everyday life, or dinner - a deep bun is always possible. If you style your hair with this twist, the bun will become a hairstyle trend in winter 2021.

Hairstyle trend for winter 2021/2022: We now wear our hair in a low bun

How do we know that a hairstyle is becoming a trend? Well, because she meets us everywhere. On the streets, in magazines, and of course on Instagram. Yes, even the fashion professionals have long since discovered the low bun as a hairstyle trend and wear it with a silk scarf or clips in their hair, sleek or casual. No matter how you style it, the bun looks stylish and elegant at the same time. Above all, the combination of scrunchie and bun can look super chic or totally casual, depending on the choice of hair tie. We'll show you how to easily style your hair with the hairstyle trend.

Hairstyle trend for winter 2021/2022: We now wear our hair in a low bun | Hairstyle Trend: It's That Easy To Style Our Hair In Winter 2023
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Low Bun + Scrunchie: How to style your hair step by step

  1. Prepare your hair: There are several options for the deep bun. Either you choose the sleek look for the trend hairstyle or you choose the messy bun. For the former, apply a conditioner for straight hair after washing, let it work in, and then wash it off completely. Then comb your hair well. For the messy bun, you can put some saltwater spray into the lengths.
  2. If necessary, straighten your hair: If you have decided on the Sleek Bun, you have to straighten your hair in the next step. To do this, apply a generous amount of heat protectant to your hair and let it dry completely. Then divide your hair into individual strands and then start straightening strand by strand. This gives the trend hairstyle an extra elegant touch.
  3. Style the bun: Now draw a middle part. Then you gather your hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with a thin hair tie. Then you take the lengths and twist them around the hair elastic until you only have the tips of your hair in your hand. Secure the bun with bobby pins. If you want to create a messy look, pluck a few strands from the bun. If you have decided on the sleek style, you can put the finishing touches on the hairstyle trend with the help of hair gel.
  4. Integrate a scrunchie: Finally, all you have to do is choose a scrunchie and tie it around your bun. Leather scrunchies go particularly well with casual looks, while velvet hair ties can be combined to create elegant styles. Scrunchies with print gives your look something playful. Once you've decided on a hair tie with a bow, make sure it's on the top. Either way, the low bun with scrunchie is a hairstyle trend that exudes elegance and casualness at the same time.

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