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Cryosauna: Lose Weight In Just 3 Minutes - Does It Work?

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Cryosauna: lose weight in just 3 minutes and fire up your metabolism. Does it work?

Expose yourself to temperatures of down to -150 ° C in nothing but underwear? Sounds unbearable, but it is one of the hottest weight-loss trends right now. In fact, the cryosauna or whole-body cold therapy is said to have numerous health benefits: Cellulite should be alleviated, weight and stress reduced, the immune system improved and even chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases alleviated. No wonder celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, and Jessica Alba are among the cold fans. But what is it about the promises?

Cryosauna: Lose Weight In Just 3 Minutes - Does It Work?
Cryosauna: lose weight in just 3 minutes.

Lose weight in just 3 minutes: does it work thanks to the cryosauna?

If you stand in front of the icebox for the first time, your knees tremble - not from the cold, but from respect. After all, there are three minutes in between -110 ° C and -150 ° C. The ice box looks like a narrow barrel that extends roughly to the shoulders. It is cooled down in a very short time by evaporating nitrogen, while one stands on the spot in underwear and socks. The first surprise: It doesn't feel as freezing as you'd fear. It's cold, but it's easy to bear.

Cryotherapy was developed by a Japanese doctor in the 1980s. The health aspect was initially in the foreground before the cosmetic benefits of the cryosauna were discovered. To this day, rehabilitation centers and health facilities use the method to treat tendon and muscle strains, chronic pain and sleep disorders, sports injuries, and neurodermatitis. In the meantime, however, there are more and more wellness temples that use cold therapy for cosmetic reasons.

Lose weight in just 3 minutes: does it work thanks to the cryosauna? | Cryosauna: Lose Weight In Just 3 Minutes - Does It Work?
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That's why you can lose weight thanks to the cryosauna

But how does weight loss work in the cryosauna? As the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures, it goes into survival mode. Fires up the metabolism and blood circulation and supplies all cells with oxygen in order to keep the body temperature of around 37 ° C. Up to 3 kcal per kilogram of body weight are burned in a very short time - but not only during the three-minute treatment. The so-called afterburn effect ensures increased calorie consumption even hours later.

The skin also benefits from the low temperatures. Fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other cells, they crystallize and die. In addition, the formation of new collagen is stimulated, which leads to a firmer, more even complexion.

Cryotherapy is a holistic form of treatment that benefits the entire body. Physically and mentally, because on top of regular cold training, the immune system is strengthened and the happiness hormone endorphin is released. With so many positive benefits, the three minutes of cold weather are definitely worth it. For noticeable effects, however, you have to freeze regularly - minimum investment of time for maximum results.

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