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Lose Weight With Herbs: These 3 Herbs Will Make A Flat Stomach

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Lemon and ginger. Honey and apple cider vinegar. Quinoa and chia seeds. All of these foods have in common that they are considered superfoods that are said to have positive effects on health and figure in a diet. It often goes unnoticed that a suitable herb has been grown for every need - the following three herbs, for example, are particularly good for losing weight and help to achieve a flat stomach.

Lose Weight With Herbs: These 3 Herbs Will Make a Flat Stomach
There is more than just one herb to combat annoying belly fat: These three herbs help you lose weight and help you achieve a flatter stomach.

Lose Weight: These 3 Herbs Will Make a Flat Stomach

First a message: A magic herb against annoying belly fat and unloved pounds has unfortunately not grown so far. In concrete terms: On the way to the dream figure and slimmer line, it is not enough to just eat greenery. Not only would that be far too one-sided and lead to dangerous malnutrition, but it is not enough to address fat deposits. Therefore, the following types of herbs should be part of a balanced diet with sufficient vitamins, fiber, and other important nutrients, but should also be combined with a regular exercise program for the greatest possible weight loss.

1. Mint

As infused water throughout the day, salad garnish, or a fine aroma in spicy dishes: mint not only smells pleasantly fresh but is also a valuable addition to the menu. The menthol it contains has a relaxing effect and calms the digestive tract. It prevents gastrointestinal complaints such as cramps and flatulence; acutely, mint can also be used against diarrhea. The menthol contains also gets the circulation going - which is why the herb is ideal for a meal before a workout. Mint also contains a lot of vitamin C, which is important for optimal fat burning. Caution is only required with a sensitive stomach: Too much mint can have the opposite effect and irritate the digestive organ.

1. Mint | Lose Weight With Herbs: These 3 Herbs Will Make a Flat Stomach
Water with cucumber and mint not only tastes better than pure, but it also contributes to a flatter stomach.

2. Chives

The taste is not for everyone, but it can be worthwhile to add little chives to your meals every now and then. The leek plant has a particularly high vitamin content, including vitamins B6, C, and K, as well as potassium, magnesium, and iron. Chives also contain a valuable amount of fiber, which is important for proper digestion and stimulates bowel movements. How you use the plant is entirely up to you - but chives taste particularly good as a garnish on sandwiches, soups, with savory and salty dishes, or in light sauces and dips.


3. Cress

Once raised as a child in empty eggshells or flower pots, cress loses its appeal for many people in adulthood. The characteristic, slightly nutty aroma of cress not only complements many dishes, but the cruciferous plant also promotes the breakdown of belly fat. This is done by the contained vitamin C, which stimulates fat burning by supporting the body in the production of the hormone norepinephrine. The hormone in turn dissolves fat from the fat cells and regulates the feeling of satiety. As a preventive measure, cress as a salad or topping helps against food cravings that stand in the way of a diet and supply the body with the nutrients potassium, calcium, and iron.

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