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Tips: What Hairdressers Advise Their Friends?


We wanted to know the whole truth from four hair specialists: From “How do you immediately recognize a good hairdresser?” To “How do I really get the look I want in the salon?”. Here are their answers...

20 tips hairdressers give their friends

20 tips hairdressers give their friends | Tips: What hairdressers advise their friends?
It's always good to have a hairdresser with friends! After all, the professionals give valuable tips privately...

1. Ask for addresses

Do you see a woman with beautiful hair in the subway? Does your neighbor suddenly have highlights in a great color? Then it says: Talk to them and ask which hairdresser is responsible for the work of art! "As with music, we react emotionally to what we like when we see a hairstyle," says Munich hair professional Manfred Kraft, "and every woman feels flattered when she is asked about her hairstyle."

2. Arrange a consultation

If you want a completely new look, you don't have to go all out, you can first make an appointment - without a haircut. “The hairdresser should be able to explain to you in ten minutes what suits you and what doesn't. If it remains too vague, it is better not to make an appointment, ”advises Manfred Kraft. The calculation for a consultation varies from salon to salon. Some hairdressers count the price when it comes to an appointment, others charge 15 to 20 euros and some offer advice free of charge.


3. Check out Instagram & Co.

A look on the Internet on Google Maps not only shows which salon is in the immediate vicinity. Most hairdressers now also present themselves on Facebook and Instagram. And you should take advantage of that. Because their real customers are photographed after their appointments and not only shown pictures of models or stars who have spent hours styling behind them.

4. Dress authentically

In a baggy sweater to the hairdresser because you are on vacation for a day? Of course, you can. But only if this look really suits you. Because your hairdresser should know what type you are. So: "Instead of being too casual or too stylish, you should dress authentically," recommends Tina Doelling, salon manager in Hamburg. By the way: turtlenecks are not only annoying when cutting. The proportions of the neck and head are also decisive for the right hair length.

4. Dress authentically | Tips: What hairdressers advise their friends?

5. Stay like always

A shoe seller looks first at the shoes of his customers, a hairdresser at their hair. So far, so well known. But do we have to show up in the salon with the best hairdressing? “Definitely not,” says Tina Doelling, “because every pro can recognize which hairstyle the customer normally wears even without styling or fresh hair wash.” However: Those who normally wear make-up should also go to the appointment with make-up - so that the styling is accepted the overall look can be customized.

6. Try a new salon

If you want a change of type, consider changing the salon. Perhaps you and your previous hairdresser (after all these years?) Are a bit stuck. Good to know: There are hairdressing chains that are particularly good at a certain style. The “Sassoon” salons, for example, are specialists in a bob and short hairstyles. "Haarwerk" is traded as a blonde expert. “When making an appointment, please ask whether the salon follows a certain philosophy or style,” recommends “Haarwerk” boss Ayse Auth.

7. Rely on the chemistry between the hairdresser and the customer

A successful haircut depends not only on the technology but also on the good relationship between the customer and the hairdresser. The young professional with the red punk hairstyle is sure to get an extravagant cut. You don't have to explain to a stylist of a similar age for long that hair is no longer so easy to care for after 40 or that you, as a mother, want something practical. "In this case, just say on the phone: 'I would like a hairdresser with a lot of professional experience‘ "advises Tina Doelling.

8. Show yourself

An assistant will meet you and put the cape on you? Protest in a friendly but firm manner. In any case, the hairdresser has to see you in your clothes to know what type you are. "I even let my customers get up again," says Manfred Kraft, "this is the only way I can get an idea of ​​their demeanor and stature."

9. Talk about yourself

So that the hairstyle not only looks pretty after the appointment but also fits into your life, the hairdresser needs to know a few things about your everyday life. If he doesn't ask, tell about yourself: Do you do sports? If so, which one? What do you work and is that related to customer appointments? Let them also explain to you how you can style the hairstyle for the office, everyday family life, or sports. "Of course, it is also important to know how the cut can be made suitable for going out," says Artistic Director Bastian Casaretto.


10. Talk about (pre-) pictures

No, it's not silly to bring a picture of a model or an actress, on the contrary: If you like a hairstyle or even just a detail such as the strands or the color gradient, then the photo becomes the basis of the conversation: "I know best where the customer wants to go, ”says Manfred Kraft. Bastian Casaretto is also a fan of images: “You avoid misunderstandings.” Nevertheless, you shouldn't expect the hairstyle to look exactly the same as on the template - because everyone has a different hair structure.

11. Address no-gos

Do you want highlights but not wide ribbons? It should be a pony, but please not so frayed? “The customer shouldn't just say what she wants, but also what she doesn't want,” says Tina Doelling. “Only then does it really become clear where the journey should go? Also, report negative experiences while cutting your hair. We want to avoid that this time! "

12. Point out details

"A good hairdresser not only looks you in the face but also pays attention to your profile - because the cut has to fit," says Manfred Kraft. Other characteristics are also important: forehead, eye area, and back of the head. Make sure to point out features to the stylist to pay particular attention to - for example, if you want a hairstyle that flatters your cheekbones rather than emphasizes them.

12. Point out details | Tips: What hairdressers advise their friends?

13. Discuss the styling

How much time do you want and can you spend on styling in everyday life? Your hairdresser needs exactly this information, as specifically as possible: “Recommend me a hairstyle that I can do in ten minutes,” Bastian Casaretto recommends such a statement.

14. Plan the coloration

Not all of them want to go to the hairdresser for dyeing every time. If you still have to cover gray hair, there is no avoiding toning. "Tell your hairdresser honestly that you only come every second time - that is absolutely fine," says Manfred Kraft. "And let us give you tips so that you can get the coloring done at home."

15. Wait for the right time

Big changes need to be well prepared. This applies, for example, if you want to switch from brown to blonde, then the hair should be hard-wearing and in top shape, otherwise, it is better to wait until the next appointment. "If, for example, the hair is very dry at the moment," says Ayse Auth, "I recommend three to four weeks of intensive care with regular hair masks before we tackle the color change."

16. Find the right tone

A touch of copper or already pretty red? The perception of color differs from person to person, including the hairdresser and the customer. The best way to clarify with the color card is whether one is talking about the same thing. "So ask in the salon to see an example of the respective tone," advises Manfred Kraft.

17. Determine the length

“Only cut the tips!” For you does that mean that only one centimeter is lost? “For the hairdresser, however, that could also be five centimeters,” explains Bastian Casaretto, “so make it clear that you want to keep the current length and just bring the hairstyle back into shape. Then really only one to two centimeters are cut off. "

18. Bring brushes & Co. with you

Some cuts can only be styled well with straightening iron, round brush, or curling iron. If the hairdresser then shapes the mega waves with the brush, for example, that doesn't mean that you can do it just as well at home. “Pro round brushes often have a significantly larger diameter than the models from the drugstore. And the same applies to the straightening iron: An old model will produce a different result than one of the new generation, "emphasizes Bastian Casaretto and advises:" Bring your own tools. In this way, the hairdresser can assess whether the styling works with it and show you a few simple steps."

19. Take small steps

You really want to go brunette, but your hairdresser recommends only coloring one or two shades darker? Trust him! "The change from blonde to brown can quickly look artificial," says color expert Ayse Auth. “I always advise my customers to get darker in small steps - it looks much more natural. And I'll tell you very clearly when your natural blonde looks better on you. "

20. Listen to your gut instinct

This is a particularly good strategy if you are sitting at a new hairdresser's - and you notice that your and his ideas do not go together. Perhaps he asks too little or gives vague answers to your questions. "In case of doubt, withdraw from the planned type change," advises Manfred Kraft, "and instead just let the old cut be new."

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