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Megan Fox: The Actress Now Wears Bangs!


Megan Fox is now sporting bangs and is causing a lot of buzz on Instagram with her bun, which she combines with it...

Megan Fox: The Actress Now Wears Bangs!

Megan Fox now wears bangs

Megan Fox has apparently given herself a change and traded in her significant center parting for bangs. And the small change in hair not only suits the actress extremely well but also makes her a whole new guy. We'll show you what that looks like here.

Megan Fox: The actress is now rocking bangs

When it comes to fashion and beauty, Megan Fox is always good for a surprise and is always willing to experiment. For example, she likes to try out new make-up trends or nail art. And now her hair was allowed to believe in it - in a positive sense, of course. The actress presented her new look on Instagram: she wore a playful up-do reminiscent of the Disney character Tinkerbell. The beholder should have immediately noticed the bangs in this bun hairstyle, which is quite a change for Megan Fox.

Otherwise, the film star always wears his long, dark brown mane with a center parting. However, at the 2021 Met Gala, Megan Fox tried out bangs, more specifically baby bangs. This time her bangs are cut much longer and parted at one point so that the larger part falls slightly to the side. In order to perfectly frame the face and create a harmonious transition, the fringe is also connected to some longer strands on the sides - the perfect bottleneck bangs. The users on Instagram are enthusiastic, Megan Fox's post has already received more than 2.7 million likes. Whether this hairstyle can stay longer or is just a temporary beauty excursion remains to be seen.

Megan Fox: The actress is now rocking bangs | Megan Fox: The Actress Now Wears Bangs!
Megan Fox: The actress is now rocking bangs | Megan Fox: The Actress Now Wears Bangs!

Megan Fox: What's behind the mysterious caption?

While Megan Fox's new bangs are a total eye-catcher, the caption almost stole the show. In it, she wrote: "SpaceX flight attendant. Only 8 months and 6 days until you reach your destination." Fans of the actress suspect that there is more to these words. For example, announcing a pregnancy. Is there something to it? But maybe it's also the start of a new film for which she had her bangs cut. The time will tell…

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