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Trend Hairstyle "Octopus Cut" - Who It Suits, How To Style It?


Already wearing the Octopus Cut? The trend hairstyle explained...

After the wolf cut, the octopus cut is now the next trend haircut inspired by the animal world. Never heard? We explain what is behind the hairstyle with the bizarre name and who the cut suits best.

Trend Hairstyle "Octopus Cut" - Who It Suits, How To Style It?
Well, do you recognize which animal this haircut is inspired by?

In 2022 we will wear an octopus on our heads! Admittedly, that sounds crazier than it really is in the end. The octopus cut is nothing more than a haircut that is currently quite popular. With its voluminous crown and fringed lengths, it is reminiscent of the shape of the mollusk and its look is somewhere between shag, mullet, and wolf cut.

Trend Hairstyle "Octopus Cut" - Who It Suits, How To Style It?
Typically, the octopus cut comes with bangs, crown volume, and fringed lengths.

For the octopus look, the top hair on the top of the head is extremely layered and the lengths are thinned out considerably in this way. This creates a clearly visible step at about ear or chin level, which ultimately also provides the characteristic volume on the top of the head. The hairstyle is completed by the remaining longer strands, which then fall slightly fringed and undone to the collarbone. A bit crazy, a bit rebellious, but above all one thing: pretty casual!

Who suits the haircut?

In principle, the octopus cut suits everyone, whether curly or straight hair, male, female or diverse. The only requirement is a mane that is at least shoulder-length, if not chest-length. And: You need the necessary self-confidence, after all, the hairstyle with its extreme layers is anything but inconspicuous. On the other hand, it can give flat and limp hair more volume, and medium-fine hair also benefits from the fullness effect of the fringed layers. All those with very thick hair should first test the cut in a light version or let the mane thin out slightly so that it doesn't get too full on top of the head. If you have really fine hair, the octopus cut might not be the right choice, as the frayed lengths can add to the effect.

Who suits the haircut? | Trend Hairstyle "Octopus Cut" - Who It Suits, How To Style It?
The octopus cut is not only stylish but also unisex and suits almost every hair structure.

How is the Octopus Cut styled?

The second big plus besides the volume factor: the octopus cut is perfect for anyone who doesn't feel like time-consuming styling in the morning and constant visits to the hairdresser. Due to the steps, the cut falls almost by itself - and anyway, the whole thing should look rather undone. That's why the trend hairstyle is allowed to grow out for a while before it is trimmed. If you want to intensify the volume look, work some hairspray or powder into the roots and tousle everything well - the perfectly imperfect octopus style is ready.

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